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W3C has a list of upcoming appearances. It's now (Mar 2003) available in .ics and RSS.

Once a week or so, some agent of mine (me being a team member) should check to see if there are upcoming appearances in my calendar that aren't in the list, or vice versa.

W3C has a list of upcoming events (mostly WG meetings). Each WG maintains a meeting schedule. Check that they're in sync once a week or so.

Check dependencies between WG meetings. Automatically raise issues on coordination group agendas.

I (TimBL) just (2005-02-04T05:31Z) tried again to use to sync calendars. This implements DiffAndPatch to provide a set of diffs between two RDF files, and works best when most nodes either have URIs or can be indircetly nailed to another node by a FunctionalProperty (FP) or InverseFunctioalProperty (FP). Those aren't wiki names, they are OWL classes. Anyway, for the record, the problems I had were:

  • The calendar properties are not noted as IFPs and FPs in the ontology.
 No big deal - I made a list of them. takes a --meta=foo.n3
 for stuff like that.  Request: put them in the ontology, please.
  • Alarms are a problem, as they don't have IDs. Evolution puts
 on OWTTE, we noticed.  Removed all alarms to get around that.
 One event can have two identical alarms, and different people can
 change them at teh same time in a sync situation.
 Request: Add alarm IDs to iCal.
  • The timezone information in real iCalendar files has all kinds of
 stuff about real timezones. Removed all timezone info -- its on the web anyway.
 Request: resolve modus operani - does the tx ino on the net rule,
 or should we keep and keep consistent random daytime dates being  
 shipped aound in different iCal files?
  • iCal seems to have completely regenerated the UIDs for the events
 every time it saved back the file.  This last is a problem I was not
 execting, as I can't imagine how it keeps track of responses to an
 invitation if it keeps changing the UID.  Maybe this is a facet
 of the way we distribute .ics files with CVS.
 At this point I gave up!

LinkMe: RyanLee's work on WG scraping, master WG/document schedule, SVG dependency diagram.

nearby: SyncML, PalmAgent, RdfCalendar, DiffAndPatch