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'How do I share and find RDF calendar documents?'

nearby: AnRdfHarvesterStartingPoint

Having an RdfCalendar data format for data sharing is only useful if we figure out some ways of publishing and sharing these documents. So, you save your RDF calendar file online, what happens then?

Related: the OpeningHoursUseCase describes a scenario where small businesses (amongst others) might expose calendar data on their Web sites, along with other details (photos, locations etc).

We need EventDiscovery strategies to find and aggregate this information once it's out there (and to encourage it to be put out there!).

Once we've harvested all this RDF/XML calendar data, how can we turn it back into ical syntax (.ics files) for desktop tools to consume?

  • toIcal.py provides one tool for doing this (uses Cwm's Python RDF API)

What obstacles do we face?

  • need RDF vocab for describing calendar documents
  • better packaging of rdf crawler tools
  • vocabulary stability? (won't get wide use until vocab declared stable -versus- won't declare stable until proves itself in use)



There's some relationship to RSS here, though I'm not best sure how to describe it. Also aggregators like syndic8, and the publish/subscribe ping mechanisms used by MovableType and other weblogs.

-- DanBri - 26 Mar 2003