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This is a place to put links to RDF files to be harvested.

  1. Run this page through the W3C HTML tidy service to make a well-formed XHTML page.
  2. Take this document, XSLT it with a W3C service, and get out an RDF document. The RDF document will have an rdfs:seeAlso for every FOAF linked from this page.
  3. Use the final document as an entry point for your spider.

You can also use a constructed link that combines the above steps.

Edit this page, and add your link below:

Institutional FOAF Files

Personal FOAF Files

I'd say- just use the FOAFBulletinBoard. But regardless, people seem to want to do it here for some reason.

See also and

If you're looking for large quantities of RDF for e.g. scalability testing: