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The use of URIs in RDF facilitates a marketplace of terms and vocabularies. This is not a centralized directory of RDF vocabularies; there is no such thing. But let's use this as a place to advertise our work (though it's not a substitute for MailingLists and such) and a place to look when you're considering whether to BuildOrBuyTerms, and as a place to compare and contrast, and perhaps to facilitate sharing (especially in SeedApplications) vs. supporting redundant vocabularies.

To facilitate comparing and contrasting, please give more than a name and a pointer; try to give a sense for how much endorsement it has, who to contact about changes, any terms and conditions that might restrict use, and the like.

Where can I find RDF schema, vocabularies, and ontologies?

  • Watson Many ontologies, advanced search and a powerful API
  • (new!) Talis Schemas - many schemas, fast search
  • Swoogle Semantic Web search focusses on vocabularies/ontologies (blog)
  • FalconS is an ontology, class, property and semantic Web search engine with very good coverage

Where should I submit RDF schema, vocabularies, and ontologies to make them publicly available?

What should I use for traditional bibliographic stuff, like title/author/date?

What should I use for e-commerce data, e.g. for describing businesses, offerings, prices, features, payment options, opening hours, and the like?

Producing magazines is metadata intensive. Anybody using RDF to attack that problem?

How about news/content syndication?

  • Rich Site Summary, RSS

Is anybody trying to integrate iCalendar into the framework?

RDF for email?

What should I use for contact information?

how about music collections?

content selection? Anybody working on PICS in RDF?

Project Management?

  • Project Vocabulary - vocabulary for describing projects independently of the project domain
  • also DOAP, to describe open-source projects

Engineering Mathematics ?

  • I am interested to develop ontologies for Engineering mathematics. So far, the best model I have found is the one developed by KSL Stanford in OntoLingua (EngMath ontologies). Is anyone aware of some activities porting this ontologies in OWL ? The ontology has been developed in LISP and KIF ? Is it completely portable in OWL or do I need some extensions in OWL such as OWL Rule Language ? The link to EngMath is at http://www.ksl.stanford.edu/knowledge-sharing/papers/engmath.html . If no activities is done for this, I think it may be useful to develop it as an open-source ontology. What would be the best approach to initiate such a project as open-source  ? Do other ontologies exist for engineering mathematics ?

What should I use to describe provenance information?

  • The Provenance Vocabulary enables providers of Web data to publish provenance-related metadata about their data.

To the extent that these vocabularies get deployed in the public Web, ie as Hypertext RDF - a technique for measuring RDF vocabulary deployment suggests some strategies for automating aspects of this survey. which strategies? lets fold that (tiny) page into this doc... --DanBri

What else?

Vocabulary management

Some old, outdated links for historians