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I anxiously watched his eyes deterred colorful shops, last fall a brightly-colored, the magnificent color of amethyst and a pink satin silk. again quietly told him, might as well buy me a gold gown and a silver hat I certainly would never venture to wear his clothes, went to great lengths, (because he was stubborn as a stone) I persuaded him to change a sober black satin and pearl-gray silk. temporarily can scrape together almost, "he said, but he let me look like a parterre dazzling I am glad that they are out of the silk warehouse, and then out of a jewelry store he bought me something more my cheek sense of annoyance and degradation burned much I once again entered the carriage, leaned back and sat down, the heart blazing, body exhausted when I think of it, with the forward to bright and dim the passage of time, I have completely forgotten my uncle John.