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XML Processing Model Vnext candidate requirements

Try to use the following high-level categories, but if necessary, add new ones. Or, after due consideration, reorganize things.

XDM. More generally: text, JSON, etc.
Syntax, defaults, constraints, etc.
New Steps
And control primitives
Resource Manager
More-or-less persistent, named pipeline-local resource creation and access
Profiling, APIs, tooling, ‘choreography’ (e.g. for XRX applications)

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Unsorted XProc v.Next Issues

Issues from xproc.org

OldWikiVnext: Copy-pasted from [1]

Issues from the XProc CR Issues document

Potential V.next topics, taken from the XProc Candidate Issues document as determined at our October 31 f2f (minutes).

Issue numbers refer to numbers given in the Issues document.

Issue 001: extend our current p:template in order to have some higher level construct without going into FULL XSLT

Issue 004: allow attribute value templates within xproc elements

Issue 006: harmonize p:data and p:load

Issue 010: something about document base uri

Issue 015: (V.next unless Norm says it is just closable.) JSON hack

Issue 016: (V.next unless Norm says it is just closable.) conditional output port

Issue 017: simplified store step

Left over from V1 requirements document

ToDo: Go through the V1 requirements document and add anything from there that hasn’t been addressed by V1.

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