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How could XProc development be more amenable to debugging?

  • More helpful error messages


Could we add some kind of authentication management which is out-of-band, but available?

  • Does this need to be in the language, or can it be implementation-defined?
  • If it was in the language, how would steps get at it?

Environment Access

Should we have a way to access environment information more generally?

Existing information caches

Should we give access to MemCache and elasticache?

  • Already possible from an extension step [reference needed]. Do we need more?
  • Already possible using p:http-request?

Support for clustering

Do we need any?

Can you define “clustering”?
Zearin (Arogers) 16:02, 11 October 2012 (UTC)

Playing a useful, standardised role in XRX

LQ’s term is choreography: the orchestration of XSLT/XQuery/etc., with XProc as the controller.

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