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LodLive project provides a demonstration of the use of Linked Data standards (RDF, SPARQL) to browse RDF resources. The application aims to spread linked data principles using a simple and friendly interface with reusable techniques.

The basic principle underlying LodLive is to prove that resources published according to the W3C SPARQL standard are easy to reach and understand, with hopes that the LodLive approach can stimulate Public Administrations and large-scale data owners to add their resources to the LOD and share them. You can start browsing by querying the endpoint for a specific resource, or start from one of the provided URI examples.

LodLive is composed of a jQuery plug-in (lodlive-core.js), a JSON configuration map (lodlive-profile.js), an HTML page, a few images (sprites), and some other jQuery public plug-ins. It is as simple as that.