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Many of these questions are self answering: follow the links. Failing that, try searching the WikiPedia:Main_Page

See also FrontPage, RDF, SemanticWeb, SemanticWebArchitecture, VocabularyMarket (and RDFApplicationsAndProjects), VisualizingRDF, AuthoringToolsForRDF, NaryRelations, StoringRDF, XQueryAndRDF, XMLSchemaAndRDFSchema, EmbeddingRDFinHTML, TopicMaps, UML and RDF, SemanticWebFaq

  • Finding out about RDF
    • What "Resource Description Framework"-related groups are there in the W3 Consortium?
    • Where can I read more about RDF?
      • One can find documentation related to the activities of each of the groups at their respective pages. Are there any other userful resources apart from these? Where are they listed? In the WG pages?
  • The page called "Semantic Web Activity" is where RDF can be found out about. Its homepage, Activity statement and the SW CG (???) can be found there.
    • The "RDF Core Working Group" is facilitating the definition of the core specifications: a primer on RDF, the model (of what?), the syntax for RDF and the XML schema for RDF ; datatyping in progress)
    • The "Web Ontology Working Group" are developing standards that extend the capabilities of RDF Schema
    • "RDF Interest Group" for developers, users and the public to discuss RDF and related specifications.
      • RDF IG "task forces" and specialist mailing lists
        • Mailing list: www-rdf-calendar (See also the page RdfCalendar)
        • Mailing list: www-rdf-logic
        • Mailing list: www-rdf-rules (and query! ??? www-rdf-query?)
    • Also of possible interest
      • Mailing list: www-annotation
      • Are these arechived on a web page? What's the URL?
  • What is RDF Query?
  • Can I see some examples of RDF vocabularies that use both XML and RDF schema together? (i.e. SyntacticProfiles of RDF/XML)
  • What are the advantages of syndicating a site in RDF (RSS 1.0) rather than RSS 2.0?
    • What is RSS 2.0 encoded in?
  • Integrating XHTML and RDF
    • Why would one want to do this?
    • What is the relationship between 'semantic' XHTML and RDF? See Mezzoblue post
    • How do I link from an HTML document to an RDF file? (rel="meta"?)
    • What about format negotiation? Is it a good idea to offer RDF and HTML variants of the same document? ContentNegotiationWorryPile
  • The Semantic Web and Web Services
    • How do RDF and SOAP relate to each other?
      • They don't. One is a method of describing resources, and the other a way of packaging messages between programs.
  • How do the Semantic Web and Web Services relate to each other?
    • Like chalk and cheese. The Semantic web is a form of data typing that works in a way similar to the HTTP/HTML based world-wide web. Web services are a way for programs to communicate with other programs that their developer knows a minimal amount of information about, for example, no more of than their URI.
  • Are there any RDF-based SOAP services or other forms of Web service that exploit RDF?
    • No, except that one can place arbritrary data in a SOAP message, which could be RDF (or any other XML).
  • How might I use RDF within a SOAP message? (see SOAP primer)
    • What is DAML-S?
    • How might I choose between SOAP Encoding and RDF syntax when using RDF together with SOAP?
      • What are the tradeoffs?
      • Are there any examples of using both together?
  • RDF Deployment

These questions are fine if someone knows the answers, but are not directly relevant.

  • What is an XML Schema language?
  • Why would I use one?
  • What is available?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one?
  • How well do they work on different platforms?

  • How are sites that offer a Semantic Web interface such as RSS supposed to bring in revenue? They can't rely on advertising because the machines that browse the Semantic Web cannot be trusted to deliver advertising to a human eyeball. (spotted on slashdot review of RSS book)
    1. By making advertising part of the message.
    2. By charging the user directly, not through indirect commision for items sold to them.
  • Do you see RDF vocabularies gaining ground over XML vocabularies?

Target communities:

  • xml/rdf developers
  • content producers
  • ...etc

Good idea, the way it stands right now doesn't seem to be working.

btw - here's an xml person getting into RDF (on a Wiki) : http://raymondyee.net/wiki/FiguringOutRdf

That person should be over here, keeping his notes here and interacting over here with us. I've extended an invitation. :) -- LionKimbro DateTime(2004-07-03T00:31:14)