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The W3C Advisory Board (AB) provides ongoing guidance to the W3C Team on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict resolution. This page documents current AB projects, and is open to suggestions from W3C members and non-members.

Priorities 2018

Main article: AB/2018_Priorities

The AB started discussion on 2018 priorities at our 2017 October f2f meeting.

For work in progress, and individual AB member initial thoughts on our 2018 Priorities, see:

Priorities 2017

Main article: AB/2017_Priorities

The AB started discussion 2017 priorities at our 2016 December f2f meeting. We anticipate prioritizing the different inputs at our F2F meeting in Berlin in February 2017.

For work in progress, and individual AB member initial thoughts on our 2017 Priorities, see:

Priorities 2016

Main article: AB/2016_Priorities

The AB has identified (at the 2016-01 f2f meeting) the following 2016 project priorities, clustered:

New project to suggest to the AB ?

Suggestions for the AB can be done directly by editing this wiki, here, anytime.


  • ...

AB F2F Meetings and conference calls

(2016-03-22) The AB collects live agenda for their next meeting in on their private AB wiki.

AB meeting summaries are available from the AB’s W3C Member-only page.

Upcoming meetings

The AB meets in person at the annual AC meeting, likely during the annual TPAC meeting, and then two more times between those two (winter and summer). 1 hour telcons are 14:00-15:00 UTC every 1st & 3rd Thursday (resolved 2017-03-07) barring f2f meeting conflicts or cancellation due to f2f meeting near adjacency (next/prev week).



Taxi sharing for f2f meetings is organized on the wiki: MeetingTaxis

More: https://www.w3.org/Member/Board/ (W3C Member-only)

Past f2f

Past f2f meetings wiki pages, most recent first: 2017:




Past telcons:

  • 2017-02-06 telcon
  • 2017-01-23 telcon
  • 2017-01-09 telcon
  • ... many more
  • 2016-03-07 telcon
  • ... many more
  • 2015-12-21 telcon
  • ... and many before

Editing and Publishing minutes of AB Meetings

Quote from the summary of 3-4 November 2011 AB face-to-face meeting (W3C Member only link):

The Advisory Board, recognizing that the IRC minutes are not a verbatim transcription, adopted a protocol by which each speaker can have their recorded statements edited when he or she feels that what is recorded is either incorrect or needs clarification.
Other AB participants can ask a participant to clarify his or her remarks, but cannot insist on a change.
The protocol is to send requests in e-mail to the AB list, as the only mechanism to change the minutes generated from the IRC record. The goal is to increase both transparency and coherence.

W3C Process, Governance and IP related projects

W3C Process maintenance

Main article: process

W3C process improvements are discussed in the community group:

See process for more details.

Cultural conventions for attribution

Main article: AB/attribution

The new HTMLWG charter allows for working group members to contribute HTML5 Extension specifications using CC-by, and then places attribution requirements on any derivative works.

These attribution requirements are a good start for growing cultural conventions for attribution both inside W3C, and beyond W3C, towards a goal of making attribution founded in cultural norms rather than legal (copyright) requirements, potentially allowing for use of CC0 for contributions to W3C in the future.

See AB/attribution for draft suggested best practices for attribution.

Trademark License

Main article: AB/trademark-license

The AB has created a Trademark License task force (Tantek Çelik and Michael Champion) to build broad consensus on a combination trademark / license policy to potentially permit more permissive copyright licenses on W3C drafts and specifications.

Open AB

The AB is working on (as is evident by this wiki page) doing more and more of its work in the open.

Currently Open AB work is occurring in two places:

Twitter Account

The Advisory Board has a Twitter account: @W3CAB

Nearly the entire AB has access and can post anything regarding AB-related matters. The methodology is to empower individual responsibility and trust by default, especially in such a small group. This method has worked well with the CSSWG (any CSSWG member may "have the keys" to @CSSWG) and it's been hugely successful in engaging the broader developer community.

If you are a member of the AB, contact Tantek Çelik on a secure communications channel and he'll gladly share access to @W3CAB.

  • 2013-09-18 access broadly shared with AB members in person W3C AB meeting at MIT.
  • 2013-06-04 @W3CAB Twitter created.

Making sure the ABs get members opinion

  • AB are elected by W3C members and need to make sure that they are collecting their ideas, suggestion... That wiki is great, the recent minutes members-only minutes issued by Coralie were great, but regular open debriefing communication to members/interested parties is key. It could be interesting to have an every-6-months call scheduled in advance to 'meet the AB'. This would be the opportunity to ask direct question to the AB, based on a collaborative agenda.

Virginie Galindo (gemalto AC rep) ~~~~

AB and TAG election : voting experiment

AB has been conducting work in order to audit voting and representativity. An experiment will be conducted in 2014/2015. See FAQ and explanation for that first experiment page

W3C Community and Tools

W3C Chairs Training

The Advisory Board has established Chair Training as a priority for 2014. At TPAC2013, Chairs had a breakfast meeting and expressed what additional information and skills they required to improve their effectiveness. The W3C Team developed a list of areas which have now evolved into a quarterly Chair Training program.

  1. W3C, Process, and the W3C Team, Philippe Le Hegaret, 23 January 2014
    1. Audio Recording of "W3C, Process, and the W3C Team"
    2. Anchor sections by Art Barstow
  2. Tools, Ralph Swick, 24 April 2014
    1. Audio Recording of "Tools"
  3. The Human Dimension, Charles McCathie Nevile, 17 June 2014
    1. Audio Recording of "The Human Dimension"
  4. Focus and Productivity, Arnaud Le Hors, 23 October 2014
  5. Focus and Productivity, Arnaud Le Hors, 29 January 2015
    1. Audio Recording of "Focus and Productivity"
  6. Horizontal reviews, Virginie Galindo, September 2015
    1. Horizontal review, session 1 (13 October 2015)
    2. Audio Recording of Horizontal review, session 1
    3. Horizontal review, session 2 (20 October 2015)
  7. New W3C process, its philosophy, and how to use it for agility, Steve Zilles, February/March 2015
  8. TBC: Making rapid progress in developing specs in W3C despite the W3C process
  9. IPR Management in a Github age - repo manager training, Kaz Ashimura, Sep 21 2017
    1. Video recording of "repo manager training"

Creating a web community

Not official AB projects per say, but projects that various AB members are participating in that may have W3C-wide scope.

Use of GitHub at W3C

Some groups are currenlty using github to develop their specification or edit non normative documents. While the strategy for using Tracker and/or Bugzilla and/or github is left to WG decision, there are some good practices that can be gathered. That section is pointing to effort to federate experiences and good practices.

Remote Participation

The AB is looking at issues related to remote participation in W3C meetings.

OpenWeb Tools at W3C (was dogfooding)

Many (most?) presentations at W3C workshops (e.g. the Workshop on Social Standards: The Future of Business) used non-open-web technologies/formats. W3C may work on good practices.

Headlights presented to W3C members for 2014

Headlights for 2016

AB Wiki Editing Itself

Things to work on wiki-editing workflow for (Tantek, Virginie)

  • long lived projects having their own undated URLs
  • using redirects for per year priorities
  • incorporate stuff in W3C AB 2013 2014 OLD PAGE into specific subpages for more navigable archival.

Side Projects

In addition to the above some members of the AB work on additional side projects related to W3C process, culture, etc.

Historical Documents

Past Home Pages

Past AB Priorities

AB Priorities for 2014/2015

AB identified some projects gathering enough support by AB members to be rolled out in 2014/2015. Here is a short description of each identified project.

  1. Identify work not destined for success. Lead: Mike Champion. See plan
  2. Identify the most important priorities for the Web and W3C. Lead: Jeff Jaffe. See plan
  3. Improve agility of W3C. Lead: Chris Wilson. See plan
  4. W3C Process Revision 2015. Lead: Steve Zilles, Editor: Chaals McCathie Nevile.
  5. Trademark Policy and Licensing. Lead: Mike Champion and Tantek Çelik. See plan
  6. Voting experiment. Lead: Chaals McCathie Nevile.
  7. W3C synchronization and consistency. Lead: Virginie Galindo. See plan
  8. Improving how AB represents the AC. Lead: Virginie Galindo. See plan
  9. Best practices to support multilingual W3C Lead: Daniel Park and Jay Kishigami See plan

See how AB members selected these topics 2014-2015 AB Priorities wiki page.

Past Planning