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AB Priorities for 2023-2024


  • Leads: Chris
  • Participants: Florian, Tantek
  • Summary: Start defining "how" we bring new work to W3C and how we move work through incubation into the REC track.
  • Goals:
    • Define expectations & guidance for advancing work in incubation and when to move it out (both to a WG or to a closing report)
  • Related issues and references:


Interoperability and the Role of Independent Implementations

AKA "3Is" project.

  • Leads: Tantek
  • Participants: Chris, Florian, Wendy, QingAn
  • Summary: Define the role of independent interoperable implementations - in incubation, transition to REC track and chartering, transition from CR to REC, etc.
  • Goals:
    • Document which user problems we are solving (being able to switch implementations, lowering switching friction)
    • More precise definitions for interoperable, independent, and implementation
    • Document risks, e.g. monoculture, from the entirety of a spec (e.g. WebSQL), to a common library every implemementation uses (Fonts?)
    • Role of tests and test suites
  • Related work, issues, and references:

Improving W3C community

  • Leads: Wendy
  • Participants: Tzviya, Igarashi, Chris
  • Summary: moderating, member meetings, and working well together - including AC facilitation/moderation, work mode improvements, community building, potentially DEI
  • Goals:
    • explore AC moderation/facilitation efforts
    • community-building within W3C
    • improvements to the workmode to improve inclusion (automated transcription, etc.)
    • improve AC inclusion (I should like to seperate this from the workmode issue Since less inclusion of AC is not just the work mode issue. I have a concern on less participation of AC led meetings and AC spring meeting.
    • "welcome to the AC", "welcome to W3C": improved documentation and experience for new members (AC 101 documentation, glossary of terms, etc.)
  • Related issues and references:

Exploring New Horizons

  • Leads: Dingwei, ?
  • Participants: Igarashi, Chris, Song
  • Summary: Discuss how we identify "what" new technologies come to W3C, and how we identify important coming tech trends and help bring tech to incubation.
  • Goals:
    • help bring new tech to incubation
    • identifying upcoming technology trends
    • "what" trends should come to W3C, how do we identify them
    • work with the Team to achieve this (incubation funnel) meetings and AC spring meeting.
  • Related issues and references:

New Meeting Formats

Ongoing Priorities

Process & governance documents

  • Leads: Florian
  • Participants: Elika, Chris, Process CG
  • Summary: Update and maintain the Process and other governance-related documents
  • Goals:
    • Council Process follow ups
    • Process simplification
    • Director-free Patent Policy
    • Director-free WHATWG-MoU
    • Chartering (Depending on input from the Incubation priority project)

Board Liaison

  • Leads: Elika, Tantek
  • Participants: N/A
  • Summary: Ensure the AB and Board have open and productive communications
  • Goals:
    • Facilitate healthy cooperation between the Board and the AB
    • Support the Board
    • Help triage topics into the right venue
    • Relay requests / concerns from the Membership

Maintain and Improve the Code of Conduct

  • Leads: Tzviya, Wendy
  • Participants: PWE CG (including Chris)
  • Summary: Maintain the Code of Conduct
  • Goals:
    • revamping the W3C Ombuds program and dispute resolution documentation
    • continued revision of the CoC

Goals for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Leads: Avneesh, Wendy
  • Participants:
  • Summary: high level project management so that AB+W3C have direction in next steps to take
  • Goals:
    • Identify short-, medium- and long-term goals for DEI (and what short/medium/long mean)
    • Consolidate existing tracking of DEI, and identify what further tracking we should be doing and how to do it