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These are past priorities. For the current AB Priorities see AB/Priorities

AB Priorities for 2022-2023 Academic Year

See Proposed Priorities in GitHub

Priorities of the Year

Finishing off Director-free


The 4 Is: Interoperable, independent, implementation, Incubation

  • Lead: Chris
  • Participants: Tzviya, Igarashi, QingAn, Tantek
  • Summary: This is really two heavily related topics: 1) How the process of incubation is supported at the W3C: expected phases, how consensus and support factor in at each stage, how efforts at each stage should be represented, and guidance for navigating this process, 2) How interoperability and independent implementations factor into the process of standardization: how are these terms defined (including exploring edge cases), and how these are expected to gate standardization. Are test suites sufficient to establish interoperability? How are polyfills or limited-scope (or non-public) implementations counted? What about widely-used open source implementations?
  • Notes

Finish the LE transition, handoff to BoD

  • Lead: AB liaisons: Heejin, Florian
  • Participants: all AB members
  • Summary: Assist the BoD as they request.

Improving the sense of community

  • Lead: Tzviya, Heejin
  • Participants: Igarashi
  • Summary: Rebuilding sense of collegiality in the AB, provide Team support and encouragement, et al.

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Improving working relationship with W3M
  • Representing the membership and bringing ideas of membership forward
  • Evolving and maintaining the Process
  • assist team with Member meeting planning
  • FO Councils
  • Helping with Member engagement. Driving efforts to ensure Member Continuity into 2023 as we move to a legal entity. The recent meeting between the AB and Credential Community Group is a good example of this type of action.
  • Continue to advise the Team about hybrid meetings. What meetings should be in person? What should be virtual? Hybrid? What should health rules look like. An early example of this will be AC 2023 planning.
  • At some point, the AB should think about how we work, including group structures, specifically how we divide into WGs, BGs, IGs, and CGs, and the two (or more) flavors of CG – those related to our other groups and operations, and truly Community Groups...