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These are past priorities. For the current AB Priorities see AB/Priorities

AB Priorities for 2021-2022 Academic Year

See Proposed Priorities in GitHub

Priorities of the Year

Establishing governance for the Consortium

  • Lead: Léonie, Chris
  • Participants: Tzviya
  • Summary: Define and establish a governance model that will enable the W3C to continue as a respected member-driven web standards organisation, and work with the Steering Committee to enact it.

Vision, principles and strategy

  • Lead: Tantek, Avneesh
  • Participants: Tzviya, Chris
  • Summary:
    • Detail the values, pillars, challenges, potential pitfalls, and major benefits we expect the Web to bring in this next phase, as context for:
    • Define the W3C vision with principles & values to guide our role in the evolution of the Web platform, and the strategy for doing so.

Legal entity (making it actually happen)

  • Lead: Eric
  • Participants: Chris, David, Tantek, Wendy, Florian
  • Summary: Identify, organize and drive implementation of all necessary elements required to establish the legal entity. The elements include the formalization of Director-Free, establishment of governance and board of directions, completion of financial package for due diligence by the sponsors and ISOC, securing the financial support from funding sources and member support, and the execution of the implementation process beginning with the Minimum Viable Legal Entity (MVLE) to the eventual formation of the LE. This work priority requires the coordination and cooperation of other priorities leaders.


Permanent Responsibilities

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Improving working relationship with W3M
  • Representing the membership and bringing ideas of membership forward
  • Evolving and maintaining the Process