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On 6 April 2023, the AB resolved to open a temporary Task Force (TF) to work on the Vision:

  • with the ultimate goal of creating a W3C-endorsed, W3C-wide Vision statement for the organization
  • with the initial task of publishing an AB-consensus NOTE developed with the community as a first step towards that goal
  • with the explicit intention of working with the community in a manner yet to be determined to subsequently revise and elevate this NOTE to a W3C Statement representing a consensus Vision for W3C
  • with Task Force participation open to W3C Members, Invited Experts, and Team, actively seeking consensus of all Task Force participants, but taking formal decisions by consensus of the AB
  • meeting bi-weekly during the AB slot on weeks the AB does not meet from now until the end of the upcoming AB membership transition
  • conducting meetings and publishing minutes in Member-only space to allow participants to speak more freely; but maintaining editors' drafts and issue discussion in public, in the AB-public GitHub repo, to allow broader input

Drafts, Repository, Issue-tracking

Meeting Schedule and Agenda

Date Agenda Minutes
2023-10-26 Agenda Minutes 2023-10-26
2023-09-28 Agenda Minutes 2023-09-28
2023-09-12 Agenda Minutes 2023-09-12
2023-08-24 Agenda Minutes 2023-08-24
2023-08-10 Agenda Minutes 2023-08-10
2023-07-13 Agenda Minutes 2023-07-13
2023-06-22 Agenda Minutes 2023-06-22
2023-06-08 Agenda Minutes 2023-06-08
2023-05-25 Agenda Minutes 2023-05-25
2023-04-27 Agenda Minutes 2023-04-27