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Designing Acknowledgement of Contributions to W3C

Planning pages for https://github.com/w3c/AB-memberonly/issues/53 Put brainstorming ideas here.

[Judy] Some suggestions to acknowledge W3C participation:

  • Have a ceremony in TPAC to grant awards: To grant certificate or badge to outstanding AC, and grant award to outstanding spec editors and Chairs, making them feel that they are recognized. This is also a good PR chance to let W3C to be known in member’s company.
  • In AC meeting, give more speech opportunities to AC and Chairs by offering more dedicated topics or sessions or something they are interested in.


  • Coordinate with the Webby Awards to get an standardization webby awarded


  • I want to be clear that while high-value contribution recognition is great, I'm more concerned about recognizing and enabling feedback to employers (i.e. Member companies). You can't give out 500 certificates - or more to the point, they wouldn't have as much meaning if you did. I'm not saying "don't do these ideas" (Judy's and David's award ideas above) - those ideas would still have value - just that the vast majority of participants would not be recognized by this kind of program.
  • I'd like to see some way to participate in feedback in an open way; for example, those W3C community members who would with me could be invited to submit feedback on my work, that would be seen by my manager (but not necessarily by me). That would help get credit for the positive impact I have in W3C, and the scale of the work that I do would be more apparent to my manager, and if I have areas I could improve (like, I am rude to peers in the W3C), that would become apparent too.


  • Logistics
    • Who should determine who gets the awards?
      • Team?
      • A special committee?
      • Crowdsourcing votes from the community?
    • Criteria
      • Technical Merit based (e.g. innovation and creativity)?
      • Service based?
      • Impact based?
    • Communications ==
      • How, when, and where to communicate?
      • How to ensure that awardee's management sees and appreciates awards?

Some initial ideas from Judy

Nature of this Acknowledgement

An honorary thanks for those who have made great contribution for the Web community in the past year. No financial award is involved.

For Whom

The individuals participating in W3C who have made considerable contribution for the Web, including but not limited to Group Chairs, AC reps, Editors, major contributors in a group, and other individuals with considerable contributions that benefits the Web community.

Criteria and How to select the candidates

No Individuals Criteria How to select/nominate the candidates
1 Group Chairs lead the group to made considerable achievements in the past year, including but not limited to publishing a Recommendation W3C Team nominates or Chair self-nominate
2 AC Reps Have made great contribution for Process, charter/document review, etc W3C Team nominate or AB nominate or AC rep self-nominate
3 major contributors in a group, including editors, technical solution contributors, test contributors, etc Have made great contribution for group deliverables Group chair nominates or W3C Team nominates
4 Others with considerable contributions that benefits the Web community TAG, AB or W3C Team nominates


  • W3C Council (AB+TAG) and randomly selected Chairs set up the Evaluation Committee together and come up with a list of names.
  • No limitation of the numbers.


  • Add a special announcement ceremony in the afternoon of TPAC plenary day. With a thank-you letter signed by Tim BL. Tim, AB and TAG (the BoD) members give the thank-you letter to the people on the acknowledgment list.
  • A dedicated web page for the acknowledgment list, published the same time with the announcement.

Time table/Cadence

Annually, from previous TPAC to next TPAC

Time July August Sep/Oct TPAC
Steps 1.Nomination; 2.Set up Evaluation Committee Evaluation Announcement