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W3C introduces new plan and pricing for Validator Suite

Today we are very happy to introduce a new W3C Validator Suite plan and pricing. Further to important customer feedback, and market comments, our offers now feature increased flexibility, control and cost savings. Validator Suite is now based on credit of page validation. Credits may be used to validate Web pages on a single or […]

W3C’s RDF Validation Workshop – Practical Assurances for Quality RDF Data

W3C announced today a RDF Validation Workshop – Practical Assurances for Quality RDF Data, 10-11 September 2013, in Cambridge, USA. The Semantic Web has demonstrated considerable value for collaborative contributions to data. Adoption in many mission-critical environments requires data to conform to specified patterns. Validation in a banking context shares many requirements with quality assurance […]

Last Call: Constraints of the Provenance Data Model

On Sept. 11, 2012 the Provenance Working Group has announced Last Call on a new document: PROV-CONSTRAINTS in the suite that defines the core of the PROV family of specifications. This follows the recent Last Call announcement for 3 other documents, namely PROV-DM, PROV-O, PROV-N. The meaning of Last Call is clarified in the earlier […]