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Extensible Web Summit: Melbourne Edition

The TAG has been engaging with the developer community through evening meetups and longer “summit” events. We’ve so far run three “extensible web summit” events, two in San Francisco and one in Berlin, Our next face-to-face meeting is coming up in Melbourne in January 2016 and we thought we’d take advantage of this opportunity to meet and […]

Extensible Web Summit Roundup

On April 4th, with the much-appreciated help and support of Adobe Systems, the TAG organized an event in San Francisco called the Extensible Web Summit. As I wrote before the event, the intention was to bring together web developers and web platform developers from the local area to discuss upcoming, in-development web platform technologies and standards […]

The Extensible Web Summit

We’re running an event on Friday the 4th of April in San Francisco and you’re invited. For the past year, along-side our regular face-to-face meetings, the TAG has been holding evening developer meet-ups under the moniker “Meet the TAG.” The radical idea has been to take advantage of the fact that our meetings are happening […]