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We're running an event on Friday the 4th of April in San Francisco and you're invited. For the past year, along-side our regular face-to-face meetings, the TAG has been holding evening developer meet-ups under the moniker “Meet the TAG.” The radical idea has been to take advantage of the fact that our meetings are happening in cities with large concentrations of Web developers to connect with these developer communities in a meaningful and useful way. The hopeful outcome is to both keep developers informed about what we're doing, presumably on their behalf, with their platform, and to drive some feedback back into the TAG to help guide our thinking and our work. The results have generally been good, generating useful criticism and feedback which we've tried to take on board, and making the TAG less of an echo chamber. In the mean time we've met lots of developers who take a keen interest in web architecture and the future of the web platform. For our next face-to-face meeting in San Francisco, we're planning to expand this idea to a full-fledged one-day event, bringing in web developers and web platform developers, people who are deeply invested in the web platform but may not be participating directly in standards. We're calling this event the Extensible Web Summit. As Twitter denizen Daniel Buchner put it:

@briankardell @wycats @w3ctag are you telling me we're going to try developing API "products" using direct "customer" feedback? Mind = blown

— Daniel Buchner (@csuwildcat) December 9, 2013

The web is 25 years old. What do we want this platform to look like 25 years from now? This event will bring together web platform developers and practitioners from different communities and backgrounds to focus on the future of the web architecture and platform. With the exception of some curated lightning talks at the beginning of the day to set the scene, the event will be run as an unconference, with the agenda self-organized by the participants. We'd like to thank Adobe Systems for stepping forward as our host for this event. Who should attend? We would ideally like to pack this event with platform developers, framework developers and web developers with an interest in helping to drive the future of the web platform. If you read and liked what you saw in the Extensible Web Manifesto and you'd like to learn more and influence the direction of this thinking, then we'd love to have you along. Likewise if you are interested in other web technologies such as real time communication, platform & device APIs, security, permissions, manifests & packaging, offline usage, JavaScript promises & streams, push notifications and touch. The event is free to attend, but is filling up fast. If this sounds like your cup of tea, visit our Lanyrd page and grab a ticket.

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