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Media and Entertainment Interest Group

This is the Wiki for the W3C Media and Entertainment Interest Group (formerly the Web and TV Interest Group), used to organize work in the IG. Higher-level information about the IG is available on the main home page of the group. The Interest Group reviews existing work and identifies requirements and potential solutions for the Web and audio-visual entertainment media (TV, movies, etc). The development of Web standards, when required, takes place in other working groups.


31 July 2019 We are now planning for the F2F meeting at TPAC in Fukuoka, on Monday 16th September. You can find the draft agenda at Face to face meeting during TPAC 2019. Please contact the co-chairs if you have topics you'd like to add to the agenda.

14 May 2019 Registration for TPAC 2019 in Fukuoka has been announced, for 16-20 September. The M&E IG F2F meeting will be on Monday 16th September. See here for more details.

12 Sep 2018 We are now planning for the F2F meeting at TPAC Lyon, on Monday 22nd October. You can find the draft agenda here. Please contact the co-chairs if you have topics you'd like to add to the agenda.

27 Nov 2017 W3C have announced an upcoming workshop: W3C Workshop on Web5G: Aligning evolutions of network and Web technologies on Jan 22-23 May 10-11, 2018 in London. This is a good opportunity for members of the Interest Group to discuss requirements for A/V media distribution on the Web over 5G networks, with applications in online video, real-time communication, VR and AR. Interest Group members are encouraged to attend, and to consider submitting a specific topic to present or discuss.

Meetings and Minutes

NB: Minutes of Task Forces calls are available from the task forces home pages.


  • Teleconference 2019-09-03 Topic: W3C Games Workshop Report Minutes Video
  • Teleconference 2019-08-06 Topic: Media Playback Quality, Autoplay Policy Detection, and Danmaku / Bullet Chatting Minutes Video
  • Teleconference 2019-07-02 Topic: Encrypted Media Extensions Minutes Video
  • Teleconference 2019-06-04 Topic: Media Session and Picture in Picture APIs Minutes Video
  • Teleconference 2019-05-07 Topic: Web & Networks Interest Group Introduction Minutes Video
  • Teleconference 2019-04-02 Topic: Media Source Extensions Minutes
  • Teleconference 2019-03-05 (Cancelled)
  • Teleconference 2019-02-05 Topic: Subtitles in 360° Video and VR Experiences on the Web Minutes
  • Teleconference 2019-01-08 Topic: China Mobile / Migu Use Cases Minutes


  • Teleconference 2018-11-06 Topic: Media & Entertainment at TPAC 2018 Minutes
  • TPAC 2018 face-to-face 2018-10-22 Agenda Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-10-02 Topic: WebRTC for Live Media Streaming Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-09-04 Topic: Web Media API Snapshot 2017 Test Suite Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-08-07 Topic: Scalable Media Delivery on the Web with HTTP Server Push Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-07-03 Topic: CTA WAVE HTML5 Spec Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-06-05 Topic: CTA WAVE Content Spec Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-05-01 (Cancelled)
  • Teleconference 2018-04-03 Topic: Media Source Extensions Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-03-06 Topic: Media Timed Events Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-02-01 Topic: Media Timed Events Minutes
  • Teleconference 2018-01-04 Topic: 360 degree Video Minutes Summary


  • Teleconference 2017-12-07 Topic: Media Capabilities Minutes Summary
  • TPAC 2017 face-to-face 2017-11-08 breakout session minutes
  • TPAC 2017 face-to-face 2017-11-06 Agenda Minutes
  • Teleconference 2017-10-05 Topic: Presentation API, Remote Playback API, Open Screen Protocol Minutes
  • Teleconference 2017-09-07 Topic: TV Control API Minutes


  • TPAC 2016 face-to-face 2016-09-19 Minutes



  • TPAC 2014 face-to-face 2014-10-27 Agenda Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-10-01 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-09-17 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-09-03 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-08-20 (Canceled)
  • Teleconference 2014-08-06 (Canceled)
  • Teleconference 2014-07-23 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-07-09 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-06-25 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-06-11 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-05-28 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-04-30 Minutes
  • Teleconference 2014-04-02 Minutes


Related Groups

Several groups (Working, Community and Business Groups) work in areas that are relevant to the TV and media entertainment industry. Please see the separate page for TV-related groups.

Task Forces


Media Timed Events Task Force

Closed or Dormant

  • Cloud Browser Task Force
    • The goal of the Cloud Browser TF is to discuss support for web browser technology within devices such as HDMI dongles and lightweight STBs (set-top boxes) which may not be able to run a browser locally. A solution is to bring the processing of the browser to the cloud. The Task Force looks into use cases, requirements and gaps in cloud browser architecture.
  • (Closed) Testing TF [testing]
    • Identify Requirements for testing from a “Web and TV” perspective
    • act as a bridge between ongoing activities in W3C and other organizations interested in testing W3C specifications
  • (Closed) Timed Text [tt]
    • Develop recommendations to facilitate the use of TTML and WebVTT content on the Web, including interoperability with other timed text formats.


Member Wiki

A member only wiki is available, for member confidential information. Note that confidentiality of this wiki is at W3C membership level, and NOT IG level. Note also that use of this (public) wiki is preferred when possible.

Teleconferences / Meetings

Whole IG call

The IG holds a monthly teleconference on the first Tuesday:

  • 7am US Pacific
  • 10am US Eastern
  • 2pm UK
  • 3pm Europe
  • 10pm China
  • 11pm Korea/Japan

WebEx Service: [Call-in info (member-only)] [WebEx Best Practice]

IRC channel: We use the #me IRC channel on, port 6665 to take minutes and record issues, actions and resolutions during meetings.

TF calls

Task Forces also hold topic-specific teleconferences.

See the TF-specific wiki pages for the detail:

F2F meetings

F2F meetings are organized once per year during TPAC. More F2F meetings may be organized if needed.


IG Specific Processes

  • TF handling rule to propose the creation of a task force
  • TF charter template to precise the scope of a potential new task force
  • Use Case template to be used as base for drafting a use case input document. Note that TFs may have their own further refined template (check TF page)


  • Tracker is used to track issues and actions within the group. For help on how to use Tracker see the related web site. For a really quick intro see here

Other Useful W3C Resources

Emulators and Testing Tools

Archived Reports and Deliverables

Group Reports

The IG produced a couple of reports to categorize topics of interest for the Web and TV in terms of standardization needs:

The editor's draft for these reports.

Workshop Reports

F2F Meeting reports