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During the last IG F2F, several people have expressed interest in working together on a “Profile for TV” (minutes) The range of technologies available for web applications is so wide that an implementer necessarily needs to make a choice about what to implement and when. While in some ecosystems is fine to leave to each implementer to choose his own roadmap, in other ecosystems there is a need for coordination in order to harmonize the development cycle of the different stakeholders (CE manufacturers, Content providers, Content Authors, etc.) and provide a good user experience. This is why this activity was started.

For more information see the [announcement].


Current Topics

Discussion around "open options" in HTML5

  1. What: there are several "optionality" in HTML5 that needs to be identified and filled with mandatory requirements in a vertical profile.
  2. Status: WiP
  3. Input Documents:


  1. What: we need to identify "features" inside and outside HTML5 that are important for the Media Profile. Below a list up for discussion
  2. Input Documents:

Use cases submission process

  1. Use the template on the wiki home (Template)
  2. Submit use cases in bugzilla using the profile product (Bugzilla)


TF Charter


Media profile (DRAFT)


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