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08 Dec 2017



Kaz_Ashimura, Chris_Needham, Francois_Daoust, Francois_Beaufort, Mounir_Lamouri, Peter_Pogrzeba, Tatsuya_Igarashi, Alex_Deacon, Giridhar_Mandayam, Kazuhiro_Hoya, Will_Law
kaz, tidoust



<kaz> scribenick: kaz

Chris: tx for joining
... the purpose of this call is sharing information on what's going on and new topics
... so far, have had calls focusing on second screen/presentation api/tv control
... a particular interest of the group is the Media Capabilities API
... so I invited Mounir Lamouri from Google
... to share this with us
... for discussion and feedback
... what is the current status, etc.
... what the IG members can do to help it
... any other business?
... i'd also like to invite topics for future calls of the IG
... anything you want the group to look at
... tx, Mounir and Francois to join the call today

Media Capabilities API

Francois_Beaufort: from Google
... working on media APIs, getting developer feedback

Mounir: engineer from Google

<cpn> https://wicg.github.io/media-capabilities/

Chris: current draft above

Mounir: explainer: https://github.com/WICG/media-capabilities/blob/master/explainer.md
... want to know if the browser is able to render the media
... need a better solution than the existing canPlayType method
... three categories: whether it's supported, whether it will play back smoothly,
... and whether decoding is power efficient
... we didn't want to talk in terms of hardware decoder availability

-> https://github.com/WICG/media-capabilities/blob/master/explainer.md#decoding-capabilities decoding capabilities

Mounir: work in progress, e.g., vp9

-> https://github.com/WICG/media-capabilities/blob/master/explainer.md#adaptive-playback-and-transitions adaptive playback and transitions

Mounir: some use cases
... every browser needs to switch codecs
... if I try to transition
... going back 1k from 4k, etc.
... can I decode that?
... browser needs to know
... we're not looking at getting live feedback with this API
... share the information with web sites
... quick overview of the API
... decoding part mostly there
... HDR is a next step
... it's in Chrome 64 behind an experimental flag
... and planned for Chrome 65 due Q1 next year
... Mozilla, Apple expressed interest, also Microsoft
... any feedback for the API?

Giri: privacy concerns

Mounir: good question
... making a lot of information easily available on a web site
... finger printing is limited by device's capability
... video quality
... we think won't be a huge concern

Igarashi: wondering if it's possible to handle multiple streams

Mounir: inside of navigator?

Igarashi: query multiple streams simultaneously

Mounir: multiple streams at the same time?

Igarashi: yes

Mounir: that was a use case
... very narrow use case in general
... e.g., video conference software
... very hard for a browser to get that information
... it's very hard to handle multiple streams at the same time
... would hear more details for the use case

Igarashi: will think about that

Alex: quick question
... curious about HDR for next version
... can you share what capability for HDR to be added?

Mounir: decoding side
... most of that is streaming side
... netflix is pushing it

Alex: will take a look into that

Will: focus on mimetype and codec
... what about media profile?

-> https://wicg.github.io/media-capabilities/ draft spec

Mounir: not familiar enough
... dictionary can be updated

-> https://wicg.github.io/media-capabilities/#media-configurations mediaconfiguration

Will: may not know about the codec
... the second option, to get some ambiguous guess?

Mounir: not a top use case
... we could get some information

Chris: how this api relates to the information in the dash manifest

Will: in dash, we don't have actual representation there

Chris: in terms of the next step
... what kind of feedback do you expect?

Mounir: any feedback would be helpful
... we're mostly looking at browser feedback
... HDR content, ...
... method to decode information
... figure out codecs
... decode info streaming directly
... if you have any issue

Igarashi: may I ask about the schedule on the implementations?

Mounir: decoding capability is in Chrome
... currently Chrome Dev
... Chrome 65 depending on the feedback

Igarashi: any plan to finalize the CG spec?
... timeline?

Mounir: no concrete plan yet
... move forward to a WG
... spec itself still need some time

Igarashi: tx

Chris: switching between different encodings
... requires changes to MSE?

Mounir: don't remember

Francois_Beaufort: think it does

Chris: if we charter a WG to continue this
... whether it should be a single WG
... as there are related specs such as MSE to update
... HTML Media Extensions WG
... what's the current status there?

Fraoucois_Daoust: HTML Media Extensions WG is now for maintenance
... so no new work
... if there is need for new work, need to recharter the WG

Mounir: same understanding
... thinking of knocking at the door of the Web Platform WG

Fraoucois_Daoust: everything is possible but requires rechartering
... AC review, etc.

Mounir: make sense to start to think about WG

Chris: Mark Vickers presented Media API CG
... during TPAC, also use cases for MSE changes coming from CTA WAVE

<inserted> scribenick: tidoust

Kaz: Have you already had some talk with W3C Team such as Wendy, to bring this work to a Working Group?

Mounir: Not yet

<kaz> scribenick: kaz

kaz: at some point, you might want to talk with her

Chris: are you also working on the Media Playback Quality spec, what's the status?

Mounir: gathering some feedback on different web sites

Chris: group of specs related to MSE
... could be useful to have them under some common WG
... not sure if we're ready to do that, though
... any more comments/questions?

Next call

Chris: based on our original plan
... maybe Jan. 4
... does that work for everybody?

<alex_deacon> I won't be available on the 4th.

Chris: and what to be discussed?
... organize specific topics around APIs
... wondering if we would like to follow up on topics we discussed during TPAC
... what would be the best usage for this call?
... please let us know what you're interested in
... we can arrange that
... if nothing else for today
... would like to thank Mounir and Francois

Mounir: tx!

Chris: raise issue on GitHub ok?

Mounir+Francois_Beaufort: yes

<alex_deacon> Thanks to all.


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