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Stereoscopic 3D Web. A breakout session during Plenary Day at TPAC 2012.


    • The topic was introduced and several use cases were discussed.
      • Embedding 3D images and videos in a web page
      • Web-based UI in stereoscopic 3D (e.g., for an on-line movie service)
      • Subtitle for a 3D video
    • SVG Extensions for 3D displays was introduced (by Cyril).
    • Things to be done
      • It might be necessary to mark in HTML (e.g., using an attribute) that an image/video is stereoscopic so that the UA can signal to the decoder.
      • Mechanism to display a 3D version of an image on a 3D screen and its 2D version on a 2D screen (kind of responsive image)
      • A mechanism to detect whether the display is 3D-capable (or the device is in the 3D mode)
      • Extension to CSS 3D transforms, e.g., having two perspective origins (Johannes felt that more than perspective origins should be specified such as zero-disparity plane.)
    • How to move forward
      • A Task Force will be set up in the Web and TV IG.
      • Spec work could be done in existing WGs (HTML, CSS) or a separate WG if necessary.