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During the 2nd Web & TV workshop in Berlin,discovery and control of devices and services in the local area IP network was identified as a prerequisite for most multiple screen scenarios and some of the participants expressed interested in outlining requirements and make a gap analysis with currently available technologies in order to identify areas where some specification effort may be needed.

In order to handle this discussion, this Task Force was created.


Call for Participants


Requirement Document Draft: wiki (old) | html (latest)

Open/Closed Issues: a page to upload or link your contribution to be discussed with other IG members.

Relevant Groups:

This is a list of groups/activities that may be related to the TF work. Note that this list doesn't imply any endorsement of the linked technologies or official liaison with the linked group.


Useful Links: an unsorted collection of links to documents related to the TF activity and scope



Proposal submission process

  1. Submitter writes a proposal on the Wiki using an appropriate* template following the instructions on the discussion page.
  2. Submitter creates an issue to keep track of his proposal. Remember to set Product to HOME_NETWORK_TF.
  3. (The Track system will send an email to to inform about the new issue and assign it an issue number like "ISSUE-NN")
  4. An Editor takes editing responsibilities for the issue. In general the Submitter will also be the Editor but there could be exceptions.
  5. (discussion happens, Tracker monitors the mailing-list and automatically links emails that contain "ISSUE-NN" to the issue in the Web interface. The proposal gets updated as necessary on the Wiki.)
  6. The Moderator issues a short call for consensus ("anything else on that topic?")
  7. The Moderator notes the outcome of the discussion in tracker and closes the issue.
  8. At this point The Use Case/Proposal can be merged in the main requirement document (or in a separate document, as needed)
  • If none of the templates available here fits your purposes, feel free to send the contribution anyway in the format you think is more appropriate. text/wiki based contribution are preferred


Please bear in mind that text should be used whenever possible (instead of email attachements) for indexation purposes.

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