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14 Jun 2011

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David_Mays, Kazuyuki, Clarke_Stevens, Jan_Lindquist, Giuseppe_Pascale, DongHyun_Kang, Mark_Vickers, +1.760.705.aaff, Narm_Gadiraju, Jean-Claude_Dufourd, Zakim, Nilo_Mitra, Igarashi_Tatsuya, Bob_Lund


<trackbot> Date: 14 June 2011

<scribe> scribe: kaz

<giuseppep> http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/track/products/2


giuseppe: start with 16

russell: should start with 17 first and then go back to 16

<giuseppep> ISSUE-17?

<trackbot> ISSUE-17 -- Use Case: Home Network Enabled User-Agent -- raised

<trackbot> http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/track/issues/17

giuseppe: ok

russell: question about password
... discussion on security
... password is managed locally
... rather than centrally managed

giuseppe: think it's fine
... you can split media player/recorder

<JanL> +q

giuseppe: probably better to split them

russell: fine
... separate use cases eventually

giuseppe: you can put note on DLNA/UPnP in not the use case but additional note section

russell: did so

giuseppe: ok

russell: five categories
... user agent. requirement for generating content
... for home network

-> http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/HNTF/Home_Network_TF_Discussions/UPnPHomeNetworkUA Russell's writeup on the Wiki

russell: (explains Scenarios section)
... requirements for Media Player device metadata like date, etc.

<JanL> clarke is speaking

clarke: special case for buffered device?

russell: add clarification

jan: numbered list would be easier to read

russell: usually use numbered list...

[ Media Server device ]

russell: (explains) Media Server device

jan: managing locally on your PC?

russell: user agent is used for media server
... it exposes contents to home network

jan: administrating metadata for the content?

giuseppe: some content from YouTube, and another content on local USB

russell: can capture the comments

bob: is that more requirement on how to implement media server?
... interaction in home network

russell: correct
... media server is not necessarily implemented using a specific method

[ Recording device ]

russell: capture content based on time/date
... and based on EPG

clarke: difference between EPG-based and metadate-based

russell: @@@

bob?: the recording device should provide notification

russell: yes, the device should provide notification on recording status, schedule change, future activity, etc.
... for example, if I don't specify channel, the recording device should show several choices
... recording instructions, etc.

<JanL> were we going to limit issues to 10 minutes on each issue?

<JanL> this is a broad issue so it needs more time

<davidmays> -q

<JanL> +q

[ UA commands other media oriented devices ]

russell: control camera angles, etc.

@@@: security?

giuseppe: we can discuss security more

[ Future device classes ]

giuseppe: let's continue the discussion by email
... you suggested some extension is needed
... what kind of extension is needed should be discussed
... good to point out what the missing pieces are

russell: will do
... there is some concern metadata can't be delivered using DLNA etc.

giuseppe: will continue the discussion by email

russell: ok

jc: not sure if this could be done in specific situation

russell: I think it's generic use case description
... not depending on specific implementation

giuseppe: it's still early stage, so don't need to discuss detailed methods for messaging, etc.
... if you need specific APIs or messaging mechanism, that should be separate discussion

<JanL> the queue system is not quite working well

kaz: we should split issue-17 into 5 separate use cases, shouldn't we?

russell: will do

<jcdufourd> my earlier question to Russel was: is the issue-17 about defining a set of APIs including one to list available home network media server, or is it about having a generic API that allows to do all the described cases

jan: (missed first two comments...)
... security portion?

igarashi: related to comments from Kaz and Jan
... kind of confused
... what is the point of this use case?

russell: originally what currently UPnP does
... but I removed "UPnP specific portion" from the use case

igarashi: all of the use cases are actually examples of user's requirements for basic framework
... in that case, you don't have to split this big use case, but simply re-define a generic use case including the current topics as examples

russell: what kind of format would fit?
... how could I mention metadata handler?
... it's kind of complicated

igarashi: you don't need to explain the details of methods for your use cases
... I think the detailed description in this "Home Network Enabled User-Agent" use case
... it's rather examples
... maybe you should explain a "Basic framework for home network enabled UAs"

giuseppe: the point is how to enable which capability

russell: would care of the details of implementation mechanism

igarashi: we should clarify what kind of messages should be invoked at which devices/servers
... for example, what kind of metadata, e.g., title, is needed
... that is use case

giuseppe: (we're out of time) so let's continue the discussion on the mailing list

jan: can agree removing mentioning UPnP, etc.
... relationship with 24?

giuseppe: how to merge with that?

jan: relationship w/ 17?

giuseppe: it would be better to wait for a specific WG

jan: there is no exact APIs for local function like DLNA
... we have DLNA stack and also guidelines

giuseppe: let's talk by email how/whether to merge with 17

jan: ok

<davidmays> bye

giuseppe: will continue discussion by ML

<Clarke> bye

giuseppe: next week we'll start with 18

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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