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Home Networking Task Force (HNTF)


The HNTF is a subgroup of the Web and TV Interest Group, whose goal is to discuss requirements that specifications would have to follow in order to enable web and other applications to present user interfaces that facilitate access to the services provided on other devices, including the discovery and playback of content available to those devices, both from services such as traditional broadcast media and internet based services but also in the local area IP network.

Basic Information of the Task Force's work

  • End Date: 31 July 2011 31 August 2011
  • Confidentiality: Public (F2F & Telcos are Members Only)
  • Initial Moderator(s): Giuseppe Pascale (Opera)
  • Meeting Schedule: weekly 1h telcos (Tuesday 14 UTC)


The goal of the HNTF will be to identify usecases for devices, content and services discovery and control in the local area IP network, gaps in the existing technologies to address these usecases and requirements that specifications need to address in order to cover such gaps.

Success Criteria

We have succeeded if we can provide a report and a requirement document that can be used by one (or more) WG for technical work on one or more specifications.


The HNTF will do the following:

  • Refine the requirements and design goals at:
  • Identity clear gaps in the Open Web platform, and categorize all the use cases/requirements into the following categories:
  1. Ignore
  2. It's resolved already
  3. Liaison with others groups
  4. New requirements for existing Working Group
  5. Requires new working group
  6. We know it needs to go into a W3C working group we just don't know where
  7. We don't know where it goes and need more research
  • Propose WG charter(s) to W3C Director for recommendation track work fulfilling some (or all) of those requirements.


The HNTF should deliver the above listed deliverables by the end date mentioned in this charter. Detailed timeline is available below:

  • ~3 months for the TF. During this period the TF should debate and prepare a document presenting the deliverable mentioned above.
  • ~1 month to present the result to the IG and reach consensus inside the IG.


The HNTF will work with the DAP WG to identify possible requirements overlaps. Is not excluded cooperation with other groups during the life of the IG.


This Task Force primarily conducts its technical work on the public mailing list at (archive).

TF emails should be labelled accordingly, by prefixing the email subject with the TF identifier "[HOME_NETWORK_TF]". See W3C mailing list and archive usage guidelines.

There is also a member-only list to be used for administrative purposes at (archive).

The moderator maintains the Task Force page on the public Wiki, with the help of the Task Force participants if needed.


Participation in this Task Force's telephone conferences and f2f meetings is open to W3C Members and Invited Experts. However, all the public mailing list subscribers can participate in the Task Force discussion on the list.

To keep track of Task Force participation, all the participants should register his/her name and affiliation on the Task Force Wike at:


  1. Even if you sent a statement of interest the public list, it would be appreciated if you could add your name/affiliation to the Task Force Wiki yourself. This is a way for us to confirm that the wiki is working as expected.
  2. In order to be a Task Force participant (and to edit the wiki yourself), you need to be an official IG participant, as explained at: