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W3C Device and Sensors Working Group Wiki

This is a wiki for the W3C Device and Sensors Working Group. Please see the group's home page for more information.


  • ImplementationStatus contains information about implementation and testing status of the Device and Sensors Working Group's active work.
  • ImplementationStatusHistorical includes historical information with pointers to implementations related to the group's specifications that may not conform to the spec, are partial, or just related.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why isn't there a single sensor specification rather than multiple specifications?

Work Documentation

Work documentation for some of the group's deliverables. The following wiki material is mostly historical.

  • SysInfo is a page that gathers notes about the System Information and Events API
  • CaptureVsInput compares the pros and cons of a dedicated capture API vs relying on a derived FileReader API.
  • Sensor_Issues Discussion of issues raised in DAP F2F related to design of the Sensors API
  • NSD_Security discusses ideas related to security and privacy for Network Service Discovery

Future Work

Since our charter is well delimited and we have limited time in which to work on a set of prioritised items, but since equally there are very interesting areas of work that we could certainly become involved in later, we have set up a FutureWork page to capture them.

  • FutureWork lists features deferred to next versions of the specs, and potential future work


  • MailingListTags lists the tags that we use to identify the topic of posts to the mailing list (to make it more manageable for people only interested in a single topic).
  • ApiCheckList serves as a reminder of aspects to check in our APIs (at the very least, before going to Last Call).