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Work documentation for some of the group's past deliverables. The following wiki material is mostly historical.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Why isn't there a single sensor specification rather than multiple specifications?

Work Documentation

  • ImplementationStatusHistorical includes historical information with pointers to implementations related to the group's specifications that may not conform to the spec, are partial, or just related.
  • SysInfo is a page that gathers notes about the System Information and Events API
  • CaptureVsInput compares the pros and cons of a dedicated capture API vs relying on a derived FileReader API.
  • Sensor_Issues Discussion of issues raised in DAP F2F related to design of the Sensors API
  • NSD_Security discusses ideas related to security and privacy for Network Service Discovery

Future Work

Since our charter is well delimited and we have limited time in which to work on a set of prioritised items, but since equally there are very interesting areas of work that we could certainly become involved in later, we have set up a FutureWork page to capture them.

  • FutureWork lists features deferred to next versions of the specs, and potential future work


  • MailingListTags lists the tags that we use to identify the topic of posts to the mailing list (to make it more manageable for people only interested in a single topic).
  • ApiCheckList serves as a reminder of aspects to check in our APIs (at the very least, before going to Last Call).