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Feel free to add new entries sorted alphabetically into the appropriate mailing list section.

DAP Mailing List

The following tags are used on the DAP mailing list:

[battery] -- For the Battery Status API.

[calendar] -- For the Calendar API.

[capture] -- For both capture APIs. Note that work on the programmatic version will be continued in a joint task force with WebRTC.

[contacts] -- For the Contacts API.

[discovery] -- For the Discovery API.

[intents] -- For Web Intents. Note that the work on this will be carried out in a separate TF, jointly with WebApps.

[menus] -- For work on application menus.

[messaging] -- For the Messaging API.

[netinfo] -- For the Network Information API.

[perms] -- For work relating to user permissions and sexy haircuts.

[privacy] -- For various privacy deliverables.

[proximity] -- For the Proximity Events.

[sensors] -- For the Sensors API.

[sysbeeps] -- For the System Beeps API (if ever there is one).

[tasks] -- For the Tasks API.

[vibration] -- For the Vibration API.

[volume] -- For work on audio volume (this work is currently shelved).