Bluetooth Use Cases

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This page is intended to document a range of use cases for exposing Bluetooth to Web applications.

1. Bluetooth functionality (BT profiles)

- Requisite but hard part
  [Connectivity] Scan / Pairing / Service Discovery
- Required
  [Data Transfer] OPP (Object Push profile)
  [Play Music] A2DP / AVRCP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile / Audio and Video Remote Control Profile)
  [Phonebook Sync w/ Car-Kit] PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)
  [Serial Communication] SPP (Serial Port Profile)
- Not required (in web app context)
  [Call] HSP (Headset profile), HFP (Hands-Free profile)
  [Keyboard/Mouse] HID (Human Interface Device)
  [Tethering] PAN (Personal Area Networking)
  [Print] BPP (Basic Printing Profile)
  [BT Low Energy] ATT (Attribute Profile), GATT (Generic ATT)

2. Use cases

[Data Transfer] Jake meets Aileen at the commuter train in the morning. He comes to remember that he should have sent the package of photos that they took in the company picnic two weeks ago. Jake asks Aileen to turn on the bluetooth connectivity and search his mobile phone. Jake's phone is successfully scanned from Aileen's phone. They pair each other's phone, and Aileen downloads 10MB of the photo package using file transfer application.

[Play Music] Aileen and Clementine comes over to Jake's home. They would like to listen to music and talk about songs each of them wants to listen to. Having a bluetooth speaker, all of them turn on the bluetooth connectivity of their smartphones. Then, they load the web app, and login. In the web app, they scan and pair with the bluetooth speaker in the room and place the song files they want to listen to. The web app makes the playlist and play them via bluetooth connection.

[Phonebook Sync] While driving for an appointment to dentist, Jake finds that he left his phone at work. He has to call the dentist to have them know he will be little late. Jake comes to remember that he brought his tablet and, fortunately, has the same contact list in the bluetooth car-kit in his car. He turns on the bluetooh connectivity in his tablet, pairs it with the car-kit and syncs the phonebook up to date. Using the car-kit, he calls the dentist to inform he is late.

[Serial Communication#1: toy control] Jake buys a bluetooth doll for his daughter to celebrate her birthday. The bluetooth doll has functions including, "speaking", "laughing" and "waving hands." The doll is also provided with many controllers developed as web applications. Jake loads one of the web app, He turns the bluetooth connectivity of his smartphone and pairs it with the doll. His daughter controls the doll using the menus in the web app.

> Robotic ball:
> Car control:
> Speaking doll (Dolly):

[Serial Communication#2: p2p gaming] After a long day, Jake and Aileen get on the commuter train. Jake tells Aileen to play chess with him on the way. Aileen scans Jake's device using bluetooth connectivity, and pairs her device with Jake's device. They load the online chess web app,, and play chess sitting next to each other.