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This page is intended to capture issue discussions and input related to the topic of how Sensor APIs should be designed within DAP. In the Shenzhen F2F and subsequently, there was a call for consensus on dropping the current Sensor API design (a generic Javascript-based API exposing multiple sensor types) and replacing it with either or both of:

  • distinct Javascript APIs for each sensor
  • a Web Intents based API exposing sensors

Since there remain significantly different opinions on the subject, this page is intended to help the group reach consensus. It will be collaboratively edited by the group members. Proposals and arguments are intended to be captured in clear, concise, and organized form.

The following sections are initially proposed to capture the discussion points.

Sensor-specific aspects and concerns

This section will help us concretely understand the aspects across various sensors that would vary, the concerns that are relevant that are sensor specific.

Threshold approach

This section will help us agree on a general approach related to thresholds etc that might be common to sensors , concerns about battery use, etc.

Uniform API approaches to local and remote sensors

This section will help us understand on how to address local and remote sensors uniformly (e.g. via Web Intents).