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Stereoscopic 3D Web TF

The Stereoscopic 3D Web TF (3DTF) is a subset of the Web and TV Interest Group. The goal of this TF is to discuss use cases and requirements of stereoscopic 3D rendering on the Web and investigate the impact of 3D videos and graphics on HTML and other web standards.

**This is an initial draft. Your idea and feedback are welcomed.**


Use Cases

U1: Stereo 3D Photo Gallery

An online gallery or photo-sharing service that shares stereo 3D images taken by 3D cameras, as well as 2D images.

U2: Stereo 3D Video on Demand Service

An online VOD service offering stereo 3D movies, played both embedded on the page and full-screen.

U3: Stereo 3D User Interface

A web-based (HTML and CSS) user interface that is rendered in stereoscopic 3D on a 3D display.

U4: Stereo 3D Games

A web-based game that is rendered in stereoscopic 3D for more immersible user experience.

General Requirements

R1: Minimal Extension

Extensions to existing specifications should be minimal for convenience of authoring / converting.

R2: Graceful Degradation

Stereo 3D web contents must be rendered all right in 2D (or 2.5D) on a 2D display by ignoring the extensions (new elements, attributes, and properties defined for stereo 3D support).


Stereo Image Support

  • Alignment with responsive image mechanisms is desirable.

Stereo Video Support

  • E.g., using the multiple-codec-support mechanism.

Extending CSS 3D Transforms

  • A new property / value would be necessary to indicate stereoscopic 3D rendering (when possible).

Device Capability / Mode

APIs or other mechanism (e.g., CSS media query) to

  • Check whether the display is stereo-3D capable.
  • Check whether the display is in the 3D mode.
  • Set the display into the 3D mode.


  • Extending WebGL, Canvas 2D Context, SVG, etc. may be necessary to support 3D games. (to be discussed)

Specification Proposal


  • Dong-Young Lee, LG Electronics (moderator)
  • Soonbo Han, LG Electronics
  • Ryoichi Kawada, KDDI
  • Kaz Ashimura, W3C
  • Daniel Davis, W3C
  • [add your name here if you wish to participate in this TF]

Discussion & Calls

  • This TF primarily conducts its work on the public mailing list at public-web-and-tv@w3.org (archive) by prefixing the email subject with the TF identifier [3dweb].
  • Face-to-face meetings or conference calls may be organized, if necessary.