Web&TV IG call

9 Jul 2014


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Kaz, Paul_Higgs, Bin_Hu, geguchi, ddavis, yosuke, skim13, Clarke, Glenn_Deen, Jean-Charles, wuwei



<yosuke> https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Media_APIs#Iterations_and_Timeline

yosuke: need to assign the reviewers to all the 2nd round UCs
... and would see the schedule above
... please see the 2nd iteration part

The Second Iteration of work will proceed according to the following schedule:
- May 28, 2014 (conf call): last chance to submit UCs for inclusion in this iteration
- Jun 25, 2014 (conf call): final list of use cases included in this iteration
- Jul 23, 2014 (conf call): publish the first draft note on requirement extraction and gap analysis
- Aug 20, 2014 (conf call): decide what group we should have joint sessions during TPAC 2014
- Oct 1, 2014 (conf call): finalize requirement extraction and gap analysis
- Oct 27?, 2014 (TPAC) review and approve the IG note including UCs, Req. and Gap analysis and discuss next steps.
- End of 2014: finalize note and kick off next steps

yosuke: and now would choose reviewers

<yosuke> https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/New_Ideas

yosuke: the above is the new use cases from the 2nd iteration

<yosuke> https://docs.google.com/a/funahashi.cc/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai2CSN-beIq8dE5NQ2g1UzJvVlQzNnlGNmxkSUlselE&usp=sharing_erl#gid=0

yosuke: the above spreadsheet should be the starting point
... questions?

<yosuke> https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/New_Ideas

yosuke: let's look at each use case
... UC2-1: Audio Fingerprinting
... anybody interested?

ddavis: happy to do that

yosuke: would be better to have a different reviewer :)
... will be the reviewer for 2-1
... next, UC2-2: Audio Watermarking
... anybody?

(no responses)

yosuke: will take this as well since it's similar to 2-1
... next, UC2-3: Identical Media Stream Synchronization?

<paul_higgs> can you clarify what is expected in a review?

yosuke: maybe kaz?

kaz: ok :)

yosuke: next, UC2-4: Related Media Stream Synchronization?
... similar to 2-3
... maybe kaz again?

kaz: ok

yosuke: UC2-5: Triggered Interactive Overlay?

ddavis: happy to do it

yosuke: there are JP needs, so can help you

ddavis: tx

yosuke: UC2-6: Clean Audio

ddavis: could do it, but I was the submitter
... so better to have somebody else

yosuke: ok
... will review it as the primary reviewer
... assignment is done
... would like to ask the possible second reviewers
... anybody?

Bin_Hu: happy to do

yosuke: which UC?

Bin_Hu: UC2-1

yosuke: What about UC2-2?
... Glenn, how about you?
... what about you, Clarke?

Clarke: which one?
... driving and can't see the spreadsheet

yosuke: how about UC2-3: Identical Media Stream Synchronization?

Clarke: ok

kaz: you mean UC2-1 and UC2-2 forms a group
... and UC2-3 and UC2-4 forms another group
... right?

yosuke: yes
... anybody for UC2-6?
... kaz?

kaz: ok

yosuke: tx for all the assigned reviewers

ddavis: q on the task for the review
... what is required?

yosuke: we can generate the first draft and review it during the next call

ddavis: improving UC first?

yosuke: extracting requirements and polishing UC description

Accessibility discussion

kaz: I'm sorry I couldn't attend the previous call - I missed some timing discussion.
... I wonder if it's possible to include accessibility use cases as well.

yosuke: We decided we would deal with accessibility activity in parallel with these use cases.

<yosuke> https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/New_Ideas#Other_Topics

yosuke: we'll handle them as well
... separately from the UC2-1...UC2-6

kaz: tx!
... btw, I was wondering about a possible joint session with the accessibility group at TPAC.

yosuke: good idea
... we may need some conference calls before TPAC
... can you make sure about the joint call, etc., with them?

kaz: will talk with MarkS and Janina about that

yosuke: let's continue the concrete discussion on the ML
... the conf call adjourned :)

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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