TV Control Working Group

This Working Group is now closed and work on the TV Control API specification has been discontinued, while . The specification was published as a final Working Group Note on 18 May 2017. It should not be used should not be considered as stable, referenced or used as a basis for implementation.

Discussions on scope, use cases and requirements for this work are now being held in the Media and Entertainment Interest Group. Interested parties are encouraged to join this Interest Group and follow discussions on the public-web-and-tv@w3.org mailing-list (with public archives).

The goal of the TV Control Working Group was to provide methods that enable a Web page to browse and control channel-based audio and video sources such as a TV or a radio tuner. Learn more about the goals, scope, and deliverables.

This group worked in public on the TV Control API specification, through the GitHub w3c/tvcontrol-api repository.

The W3C Team Contact for the TV Control Working Group was François Daoust. The Chair of the Working Group was Chris Needham.