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Use Case: use case title

Submitter(s): company (name), ...

Category How would you categorize this issue?: 1. gap in existing specifications (=> IG to draft a proposal for an existing WG) 2. require new specification/WG (=> IG to draft a proposal for W3C Director) 3. can be addressed as part of a guidelines document to be produced by the IG (=> proponent to draft some text for such document)


  • high level description/overview of the goals of the use case
  • Schematic Illustration (devices involved, work flows, etc) (Optional)
  • Implementation Examples (e.g. JS code snippets) (Optional)


NOTE: this part is very important. Try to answer all the questions and be specific 
  • Explanation of benefit to ecosystem
  • Why were you not able to use only existing standards to accomplish this?
  • What might you suggest could be standardized?


  • other use cases, proposals or other ongoing standardization activities which this use case is dependant on or related to

What needs to be standardized:

  • What are the new requirements, i.e. functions that don't exist, generated by this use case?


  • any relevant comment that is good to track related to this use case