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Bullet Chatting Task Force


The Bullet Chatting Task Force is part of the Media & Entertainment Interest Group. The Task Force is responsible for gathering use cases and deriving technical requirements for Bullet Chatting, which refers to comments or annotations overlaid on the video screen, synced to a specific timeline.

The goal is that Bullet Chatting standardization make it easier to be implemented and maintained. And Bullet Chatting can be used in a wide range of scenarios.

Basic Information

  • Start Date: 3 December 2019
  • End Date: TBD
  • Confidentiality: Public
  • Initial Moderator(s): Song Xu (China Mobile)
  • Meeting Schedule: Monthly (discuss the date and time of the next meeting at the end of each meeting)

Success Criteria

We have succeeded if we can fulfil the following tasks:

  • Definition of scenarios and use cases
  • Definition of specific technical requirements
  • Identified gaps in the Web platform where technical requirements are not currently met
  • Proposed solutions to those gaps


The Bullet Chatting Task Force will work with the following W3C groups.

W3C groups

  • Bullet Chatting CG
  • Timed Text WG
  • Chinese Web IG


Conference call

The TF holds teleconferences every month.

WebEx Service: TODO [WebEx Best Practice]

IRC chat:

  1. Go to:
  2. Pick your nickname

Meeting minutes


Participation in this Task Force's telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings is open to W3C Members and Invited Experts. However, all public mailing list subscribers can participate in the Task Force discussion on the list.