TV-related groups

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(In addition to the Web and TV Interest Group)

HTML Media Extensions Working Group

Device and Sensors Working Group

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TV Control Working Group

  • Created in April 2016 following 2 years of incubation within the TV Control API Community Group
  • Initial work based on requirements from the Web and TV Interest Group.
  • The goal of the WG is to enable a web app to get EPG information, control and switch TV/radio channels, interact with the TV platform, etc.
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Second Screen Working Group and Second Screen Community Group

  • The goal of the Second Screen Working Group specifies is to allow web applications to use secondary screens to display Web content and Web media when connected, e.g. through video ports or HDMI, or wirelessly through Miracast, WiDi, or AirPlay;
  • The Second Screen Community Group discusses protocols for the specifications of the Working Group (as well as possible extensions to these specifications) to improve interoperability between first and second screens
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Media Resource In-band Tracks Community Group

  • Created in October 2013 to develop a specification defining how user agents should expose in-band tracks as HTML5 media element video, audio and text tracks so that Web applications can access the in-band track information;
  • Led by CableLabs with discussion involving TP Vision, Telecom ParisTech, Opera, Sony and others;
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Multi-device Timing Community Group

  • Created in February 2015 to look into timing and synchronization between devices and to define a common, multi-device, timing mechanism and a practical programming model. This will improve the Web as a platform for time-sensitive, multi-device Web applications;
  • Led by Motion Corporation;
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Timed Text Working Group

Web Media API Community Group

  • Created in September 2016 to specify a minimum set of Web technologies that developers can rely on being supported across devices for media applications

Web Media Text Tracks Community Group

Web and Broadcasting Business Group

  • Created in 2012 to study and clarify the influence of Open Web Platform on the professional world of broadcasting.

Other groups

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  • SVG WG
    • Scalable vector graphics for user interface for TV
  • System Applications WG
    • Runtime environment, security model, and associated APIs for building Web applications with comparable capabilities to native application
  • CSS WG
    • Style for TV applications
  • Web Performance WG
    • Methods to enhance aspects of application performance of user agent features and APIs
  • Privacy IG
    • Review on privacy considerations for Web and TV topics