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Cloud Browser Task Force


The Cloud Browser Task Force is a subset of the Web and TV Interest Group, whose goal is to discuss support for web browser technology within devices such as HDMI dongles and lightweight STBs (set-top boxes) which may not be able to run a browser locally. A solution is to bring the processing of the browser to the cloud. The Task Force will look into use cases, requirements and gaps in cloud browser architecture.

For an introduction to the cloud browser, see introduction to the cloud browser and the initial proposal for more information.

Basic Information of the Task Force's work

  • Start Date: 20 January 2016
  • End Date: 23 September 2016 (The end date of TPAC 2016)
  • Confidentiality: Public
  • Initial Moderator(s): Alexandra Mikityuk, Deutsche Telekom
  • Meeting Schedule: bi-weekly telcos


The image below depicts a schematic overview of the cloud browser architecture. For more information see: architecture

Cloud Browser Architecture


The major Use Cases for the Cloud browser Task Force

  • Control
  • State
  • Session
  • Communication
  • Video/audio
  • User Interface

For more information on Use Cases see: Use Cases

Success Criteria

We have succeeded if we can fulfil the following tasks

  • Definition of Scenarios and Use Cases
  • Definition of missing interfaces for Cloud RTE adaptation
  • Discussion on the architecture and model of the Cloud Browser API
  • Align the definition of existing gaps with the work of the TV Control API CG

Expected results

  • Requirements for Cloud Browser
  • Demonstrate where this TF addresses the limit of current standards


The Cloud Browser Task Force will do the following:

  • Refine the requirements and design goals at:
  Cloud Browser TF requirements
  • Identity clear gaps in the Open Web platform, and categorize all the use cases/requirements into the following categories:
  1. Ignore
  2. It's resolved already
  3. Laision with others
  4. New requirements for existing Working Group
  5. Requires new working group
  6. We know it needs to go into a W3C working group we just don't know where
  7. We don't know where it goes and need more research
  • Propose WG charter(s) to W3C Director for recommendation track work fulfilling some (or all) of those requirements.


The Cloud Browser Task Force should deliver the above listed deliverables by the end date mentioned in this charter 23 September 2016 (by the end date of TPAC 2016.)


The Cloud Browser Task Force will work with the following W3C groups and external groups.

W3C groups

  • HTML Media Extensions WG
  • TV Control API CG
  • Multi-device Timing CG
  • Accessibility Platform Architecture WG


Conference call

The TF holds teleconferences every two weeks as follows.

Date/Time: Every other Tuesday at 9am US Eastern Time (6am US Pacific, 1pm UK, 2pm Europe, 10pm Japan)

WebEx Service: [Call in info (member-only)] [WebEx Best Practice]

IRC chat:

  1. Go to:
  2. Pick your nickname

Meeting minutes



Cloud Browser Task Force discussions are usually held during IG teleconferences and IG face-to-face meetings as well. The minutes of these meetings are available on the IG wiki top page.

All the minutes can also be retrieved from mailing-list archives.



Participation in this Task Force's telephone conferences and face-to-face meetings is open to W3C Members and Invited Experts. However, all the public mailing list subscribers can participate in the Task Force discussion on the list.

To keep track of Task Force participation, all the participants should register his/her name and affiliation on the Task Force wiki at:


  1. If you have already sent an email to the public list, it would be appreciated if you could add your name/affiliation to the Task Force participation page yourself. In this way we can confirm that the wiki is working as expected.
  2. In order to be a Task Force participant (and to edit the wiki yourself), you need to be an official IG participant, as explained at:


  • Groupnote deadline q1/2018
  • PoC kickoff q1/2018


Cloud Browser Proof of Concept