Web&TV IG - Cloud Browser TF

11 Jan 2017

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Alexandra, Colin, Kaz



alexandra: happy to find this new slot
... would like to ask people actively participated in the TF if they can participate this year as well
... the Cloud Browser TF has been extended until 30 April 2017
... and possibly can be extended until TPAC after the IG's extension

Short update of 2016

alexandra: Colin has generated draft spec
... want to propose work on the draft and use cases in parallel
... talk about the draft first and then use cases next
... which work to be published as a group note?
... would propose Colin talk about the draft note

Current task - Architecture Group Note

colin: draft on the wiki page
... highlights the basic concept of Cloud Browsers

-> https://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/Main_Page/Cloud_Browser_TF/groupnote draft for the group note

alexandra: updated the diagram
... question on how to call the client
... Cloud Browser's client
... just put "EasyClient" as the term now
... if OK by you, would like to go with that

kaz: maybe we should have a terminology section at the top of the document

alexandra: tx
... the second one is description of components

<alexandra> 1. easyclient

<alexandra> 2. component description

<alexandra> 3. split browser?

<alexandra> 4. approach description

alexandra: component description is kind of terminology section
... and then provide a couple of sentences for split browser

colin: it is actually far from "easy" :)
... the name should imply what it does
... "client" has some specific meaning and Cloud Browser's client is a bit different from usual clients

alexandra: can we stuck with "Cloud Browser Client"?

kaz: we can start with that friendly term :)

alexandra: and we can use "Cloud Browser Client" in our description

colin: yes

alexandra: ok
... next "component description"

colin: is that a terminology section?

alexandra: depends on how we start the document

-> https://www.w3.org/TR/hnreq/ home network requirements note

kaz: we can use that note as a template

alexandra: every term is defined at the beginning

kaz: actually, we can start with actual requirements and pick up difficult terms and add them to the terminology section later

colin: brief description of terms

alexandra: we don't really have requirements at the moment

kaz: we can simply describe our architecture instead

<alexandra> ... intro, terminology, architecture section (with subsection 1-7 in current version)

kaz: that could be an initial structure

alexandra: ok
... can start the terminology section
... should we include some text about what we do and what we don't do

colin: in the client section, I tried to explain the difference
... like split browser
... could help people understand the difference

alexandra: would propose we have a separate section to explain the difference from usual browser

colin: will do that

kaz: if it's easier for you to directly use HTML, you can start to use GitHub

colin: no problem with wiki or GitHub

alexandra: will restructure the draft based on the discussion
... and start terminology section
... let's start to review in 2 weeks
... and then put the draft on the group's review

colin: sounds like a good plan
... good to get more people

kaz: quick question
... will on work on the use cases in parallel?

alexandra: no, we'll concentrate on the architecture group note
... and then will work on the use cases

kaz: ok, tx for your clarification

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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