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This page is dedicated for the discussion on use cases in the Cloud Browser TF.

Cloud Browser Taskforce Use Cases


This document describes use cases for the Cloud Browser.


Cloud Browser Use Cases are split into two categories. The cloud browser API use cases and impact use cases.

Cloud browser API uses cases

Enabling a cloud browser solution will need communication between a client and a server. These uses cases will gather requirements what will be needed to enable the core functionality. The use cases will probably used to create a new standard.

Impact Use Cases

Impact Use Cases describe the challenges that the Cloud Browser encounter. i.e.which use cases will work on a local browser but are problematic on a cloud browser. These use cases will probably used to extend or modify existing standards.

Cloud Browser Use Cases Methodology

Status of this document

This is a public working in draft collection of use cases that the Cloud Browser Task Force is discussing and exploring. It has no official standing of any kind and does not represent the support or consensus of any standards organization or contributor. This is a subset of the W3C Public Web & TV Interest Group - Cloud Browser Task Force.

Common Requirements

As the CB TF proceeds this section will be used to capture common requirements that have reached rough consensus within the group

Impact Use Cases

Use Cases that describe Cloud Browser challenges


use case for Media Source Extensions
EME (to be done)
use case for Tuners


Client-side locally executed measurements for QoS/QoE metrics. These could include but are not limited to: latency; delay, jitter, packet loss; video quality (blockiness, jerkiness, blur); etc.

Accessibility Use Cases

Cloud Browser API Use Cases

These Use Cases provide the core functionality of the Cloud Browser.


use cases for control


use cases for handling state


use cases for session


use cases for communication

Template for Cloud Browser Use Cases

This is a generic template for proposing use cases that should be discussed by the Cloud Browser TF.
!- See the comments in the source for this page to get a cut-page template -!
use case ID and title
use case IDs of the other use cases this extends/builds on, if required
technical or architectural preconditions that are necessary for the use case, if required
high level description/overview of the goals of the use case.
Schematic Illustration (devices involved, work flows, etc) (Optional)
Implementation Examples (Optional)
declare any new distinct actors/services/devices that need to be defined. Please, describe your actors in the Terminology section, if you introduce new actors.
other use cases, proposals or other ongoing standardization activities which this use case is dependant on or related to'
Gaps in available standards or technology that this use case identifies or is dependent upon
any relevant comment that is good to track related to this use case. Please, provide here the information about to which architectural approach this UC could be mapped (e.g., Single Stream Cloud Player). For more detailed description of approaches, please see Cloud Browser Architecture)
Which requirements this UC provides towards the Cloud Browser API or impact use cases?
list author/contributor names and email addresses. Add additional contributors over time
date+editor+short description of what was changed.
example: 3-12-2015 Glenn Deen added history section to use case template

Normative References

[RFC 2119] Bradner, S., "Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels", BCP 14, RFC 2119, March 1997.