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Glass to Glass Internet Ecosystem task force (GGIE)


Draft Use Cases Use Cases being discussed by the GGIE TF

As of 2016 we have begun using GitHub to hold documents. The GGIE repository is at


The GGIE TF is a subset of the Web and TV Interest Group, whose goal is to discuss the end to end Internet digital video ecosystem focusing on all phases of the video life cycle: Capture-Edit-Package-Distribute-Find-Watch for both professional and non-professional digital video.

Digital video is dependent on a large number of global internationally developed and interdependent standards from a variety of global organizations including W3C, IETF, IEEE, CEA, SMPTE, MPEG just to name a few. GGIE will examine the end to end ecosystem for digital video and identify recommended standards and features that could be developed.

Through use cases GGIE will identify essential elements in digital video's life cycle and will identify features that would be appropriate for recommendation for standardization in the appropriate SDOs.

GGIE seeks to help standards organizations identify technical standards needs around:

  • media capture (professional cameras, smartphones)
  • media editing systems
  • media storage
  • media packaging
  • media providers (streaming media websites, cable, IPTV & satellite systems)
  • media clients (general-purpose browsers, televisions, tablets, phones)

Basic Information of the Task Force's work

  • End Date: TPAC 2016 (GGIE was renewed for another year at TPAC2015)
  • Confidentiality: Public
  • Initial Moderator(s): Glenn Deen
  • Meeting Schedule: bi-weekly telcons.


The goal of the GGIE TF is to determine the next steps at W3C and other SDOs involved in the Glass to Glass Internet Ecosystem for digital content for: Scalability; Content Identification; Metadata; User Identity; Privacy

Success Criteria

We have succeeded if we can achieve identification of the elements that could be standardized via the responsible SDO that will enable improvement and new innovation in the ecosystem which enables creation and viewing of digital video on the Internet. This will be done through delivering requirements documents to each of the responsible SDOs and proposing initiation of new efforts at those SDOs.


The GGIE TF will do the following:

  • Solicit input on use cases to consider from participants.
  • Rank and document selected use cases.
  • Identify core emergent requirements
  • Perform gap analysis to existing standards and standards organizations to satisfy core emergent requirements..
  • Prepare requirements description for working groups and SDOs based on gap findings.


The GGIE TF plans to continue to develop use cases though out 2016 and report out at TPAC 2016


The GGIE TF will work with the main Web&TV IG and also collaborate with the following worldwide standards organizations based on the selected use cases:

  • ATSC
  • CEA
  • HbbTV
  • IETF
  • IPTV Forum Japan
  • MPEG
  • Smart TV Alliance


  • This Task Force primarily conducts its technical work on the public mailing list at (archive). TF emails should be labelled accordingly, by prefixing the email subject with the TF identifier [GGIE]. See W3C mailing list and archive usage guidelines.
  • There is also a member-only list to be used for administrative purposes at (archive).
  • The moderator maintains the Task Force page on the public Wiki, with the help of the Task Force participants if needed.
  • Face-to-face meetings may be organized from time to time.

Conference call

The TF holds teleconferences every two weeks. Participation is open to Web & TV Interest Group Members (Not a member, then think about joining!)

Meeting Minutes

  • Teleconference 2016-02-03 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-07-15 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-07-01 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-06-17 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-06-03 GGIE TF (Canceled)
  • Teleconference 2015-05-20 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-05-06 GGIE TF (Canceled)
  • Teleconference 2015-04-22 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-04-08 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-03-11 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-02-25 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-02-11 GGIE TF Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-01-28 GGIE TF Agenda Minutes
  • Teleconference 2015-01-14 GGIE TF Agenda Minutes

The GGIE Task Force discussions also usually happen during IG teleconferences and IG face-to-face meetings. The minutes of these meetings are available on the IG wiki top page.

All the minutes can also be retrieved from mailing-list archives.


Participation in this Task Force's telephone conferences and f2f meetings is open to W3C Members and Invited Experts. However, all the public mailing list subscribers can participate in the Task Force discussion on the list.

To keep track of Task Force participation, all the participants should register his/her name and affiliation on the Task Force Wiki at:


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