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New draft for the vCard Ontology

The Semantic Web Interest Group has published a new Working Draft of vCard Ontology. The document describes a mapping of the vCard specification (RFC6350) to RDF/OWL. The goal is to promote the use of vCard for the description of people and organizations utilizing semantic web techniques and allowing compatibility with traditional vCard implementations.

OWL 2 (Second Edition) is a W3C Recommendation

The OWL Working Group has published the Second Edition of the OWL 2 ontology language as a W3C Edited Recommendation. OWL 2, part of W3C’s Semantic Web toolkit, allows people to capture knowledge about a particular application domain (e.g, energy or medicine) and then use tools to manage information, search through it, and learn more […]

Proposed Edited Recommendations published for OWL 2

The OWL Working Group has published twelve Proposed Edited Recommendations today, and two Working Group Notes. The main reason for the publication of an edited version is the fact that the “XML Schema Definition Language (XSD) 1.1, Part 2: Datatypes” has been recently published as a Recommendation. With the publication of XSD 1.1, the elements of OWL […]

The PROV-O provenance ontology – Last Call

The W3C Provenance Working Group has published, and is seeking public feedback on, the Last Call Working Draft of the PROV Ontology (PROV-O). PROV-O is a normative serialization of PROV Data Model. It provides a set of classes, properties, and restrictions that can be used to represent and interchange provenance information using the OWL2 Web […]

Ontology for Media Resources

The W3C Media Annotations Working Group has published a Recommendation of Ontology for Media Resources 1.0. The term “Ontology” is used in its broadest possible definition here: a core vocabulary. The intent of this vocabulary is to bridge the different descriptions of media resources, and provide a core set of descriptive properties. This document defines […]

First Draft of a Provenance Data Model Published

The W3C Provenance Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of The PROV Data Model and Abstract Syntax Notation. PROV-DM is a core data model for provenance for building representations of the entities, people and processes involved in producing a piece of data or thing in the world. PROV-DM is domain-agnostic but with […]