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W3C Training: Improve your HTML5 Fitness!

At W3C, we are very pleased to announce a new video on W3DevCampus, the official W3C online training program for Web developers the world over. This video helps, in a fun way, to understand how our online training courses work. W3C proposes a number of online training courses on key technologies. Our courses last from […]

New W3C Course on JavaScript

W3C is pleased to launch its new online course, “JavaScript for Beginners”, to help Web developers understand the basic concepts of JavaScript. The course is 4 weeks long, to start on 11 November 2013. JavaScript is one of the three major Web developer tools, along with HTML5 and CSS3, so register before October 28 to […]

When Widgets Go Wrong

Widgets provide front-ends to all kinds of information sources on the Web; several thousand are available for download. Obviously, the use of Web technologies has been a huge success here, enabling people to adapt their programming experience from the Web to their local platform. With the Web programming platform, though, come the Web's programming practices and security issues, sometimes with more serious consequences than before.