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Presentation on PWP planned at the EPUB Summit

As reported a few days ago the European Digital Reading Laboratory (EDRLab) is organizing an EPUB Summit in Bordeaux, France, early April 2016. I am happy to present our work on Portable Web Publications, one of the major topics of discussion at W3C on the convergence of the Open Web Platform and the goals of […]

Planning the future of the Digital Publishing Interest Group

Time flies… it has almost been two years since the Digital Publishing Interest Group started its work. Lot has happened in those two years; the group has published a report on the Annotation Use Cases (which contributed to the establishment of a separate Web Annotation Working Group); has conducted a series of interviews (and published […]

At the CONTEC Conference

I had the pleasure of participating at the CONTEC Conference last week, taking place in conjunction with the Frankfurt Book fair. /It was really good to be there and I would like to thank Kat Meyer for the invitation to participate. I had lots of conversations, informal or semi-informal meetings with various people; I do […]