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List-Id: for filtering mail from W3C lists

There are a number of email message headers that people may use to filter messages from W3C lists. The best header to use for this purpose is List-Id: (specified in RFC 2919), because this header is intended to remain constant throughout the lifetime of a list. Using other headers to filter mail from our lists […]

Email address obfuscation in mailing list archives

Some of W3C’s most important system services are our mailing lists and corresponding online archives. Thousands of people participate in these lists, and the archives now contain millions of messages dating back to 1991. These archives are an essential resource for groups collaborating on standards work, to build shared context and record the history behind […]

W3C Mail Search Engine updated

W3C’s MASE search engine got a nice new year present, in the shape of a new server. The additional computing muscle will be well-used to index and search among the hundreds of thousands of messages on the W3C’s mailing-list forums: at the time of this writing, the public mailing-lists hold more than 600,000 messages, and […]