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End of Year Bonanza!

Three of our data-centric Working Groups have rounded off their year and published new documents today. First of all, congratulations are due to the CSV on the Web Working Group whose work has reached Recommendation status. That means they have successfully defined and proved technologies for describing tabular data, and for converting that data into […]

Open Data Standards

Data on the Web Best Practices WG co-chair Steve Adler writes: Yesterday, Open Data reached a new milestone with the publication of the W3C’s first public working draft of its Data on the Web Best Practices. Open Data is spreading across the globe and transforming the way data is collected, published, and used. But all […]

Encouraging Commercial Use of Open Data

I went to Paris this week to give a talk at SemWeb.Pro, an event that, like SemTechBiz in Silicon Valley or SEMANTiCS in Germany/Austria, is firmly established in the annual calendar. These are events where businesses and other ‘real world’ users of Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies come together as distinct from events like […]

After More Than A Decade of Success: Where is the Money?

Two recent conferences, SemTechBiz in Silicon Valley and SEMANTiCS in Leipzig, gave me the opportunity to explore (at least) 10 years of success of Semantic Web technologies. From the technically simple but high impact use of vocabularies like DCAT and SKOS through to highly sophisticated use of ontological reasoning in areas such as health care […]

Uses of Open Data Within Government for Innovation and Efficiency

You are warmly invited to participate in the first of a series of workshops being organized during this year and next by the Share-PSI 2.0 Thematic Network. Partners from 25 countries are working on issues surrounding the implementation of the European Commission's revised PSI Directive and this will feed into the Data on the Web […]

Final Publications from GLD

In the short time since the beginning of the year, the Government Linked Data Working Group has successfully published its final documents. The Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data Note was published last week providing advice and insights into how linked data publishing differs from other formats; and this week has seen three vocabularies published […]