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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-1 (edit) CLOSED Is TURTLE the same as SPARQL 1.1 triple syntax? 2011-02-23 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-2 (edit)
JSON Starting Point
CLOSED What existing proposal, if any, should be the starting point/default for the JSON design? 2011-02-23 RDF JSON 0
ISSUE-3 (edit) CLOSED Between us, we need to study the feedback we got via on the previous round of specs (and errata) 2011-02-23 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-4 (edit)
Deprecate N-Triples
CLOSED Do we depecate N-Triples and use Turtle instead? 2011-03-02 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-5 (edit)
Graph Literals
CLOSED Should we define Graph Literal datatypes? 2011-03-04 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-6 (edit)
RDF Errata
CLOSED Handling RDF Errata 2011-03-05 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-7 (edit)
Leftover issues
CLOSED Leftover issues from the RDF Core WG 2011-03-05 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-8 (edit)
CLOSED Incorporate IRI-s into the RDF documents 2011-03-05 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-9 (edit)
Complete Semantics
CLOSED Inference rules are incomplete in the RDF Semantics 2011-03-05 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-10 (edit)
CLOSED Look if there are RDF(S) notions that are to be deprecated 2011-03-05 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-11 (edit)
Reconciliation of documents
CLOSED Reconciliation of various, semantics-oriented documents with the core RDF ones 2011-03-05 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-12 (edit)
String Literals
CLOSED Reconcile various forms of string literals (time permitting) 2011-03-05 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-13 (edit)
RDF XMLLiterals
CLOSED Review RDF XML Literals 2011-03-07 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-14 (edit)
CLOSED What is a named graph and what should we call it? 2011-03-16 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-15 (edit)
g-pair semantics
CLOSED What is the relationship between the IRI and the triples in a dataset/quad-syntax/etc 2011-03-16 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-16 (edit)
Base JSON Grammar
CLOSED What is the normative serialization of the JSON grammar? 2011-03-25 RDF JSON 0
ISSUE-17 (edit)
graph merge
CLOSED How are RDF datasets to be merged? 2011-03-28 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-18 (edit)
Whitespace in Turtle
CLOSED How do we parse "18." in Turtle? 2011-03-30 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-19 (edit) CLOSED Should TURTLE allow triples like "[ :p 123 ]." as SPARQL does ? 2011-03-30 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-20 (edit)
Numeric local part
CLOSED The prefixed name "ns:123" is legal in SPARQL - should it be legal for Turtle? 2011-03-30 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-21 (edit)
Shared Node-IDs
CLOSED Can Node-IDs be shared between parts of a quad/multigraph format? 2011-04-01 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-22 (edit)
CLOSED Does multigraph syntax need to support empty graphs? 2011-04-05 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-23 (edit)
CLOSED Does going from single-graph to multi-graph require new format and new media types? 2011-04-06 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-24 (edit)
Deprecate Containers
CLOSED Should we deprecate RDF containers (Alt, Bag, Seq)? 2011-04-07 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-25 (edit)
Deprecate Reification
CLOSED Should we deprecate (RDF 2004) reification of statements? 2011-04-07 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-26 (edit)
Deprecate rdf:ID on nodes
CLOSED Should we deprecate rdf:ID on RDF/XML node elements? (use rdf:about instead) 2011-04-07 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-27 (edit)
Deprecate rdf:value
CLOSED Should we deprecate rdf:value? 2011-04-07 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-28 (edit)
g-text nesting
CLOSED Do we need syntactic nesting of graphs (g-texts) as in N3? 2011-04-13 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-29 (edit)
CLOSED Do we support SPARQL's notion of "default graph"? 2011-04-13 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-30 (edit)
sparql datasets
CLOSED How does SPARQL's notion of RDF dataset relate our notion of multiple graphs? 2011-04-13 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-31 (edit)
multigraph syntax needed
CLOSED Do we produce a standard (REC) syntax for conveying multiple graphs? 2011-04-13 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-32 (edit)
naming g-snaps
CLOSED Can we identify both g-boxes and g-snaps? 2011-04-13 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-33 (edit)
CLOSED Do we provide a way to refer to sub-graphs and/or individual triples? 2011-04-13 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-34 (edit)
turtle sugar
CLOSED Do we need to add syntactic sugar to turtle, beyond what's in the Submission (such as inverse paths and =)? 2011-04-13 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-35 (edit) CLOSED Should there be an rdf:Graph construct, or something like that? 2011-04-14 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-36 (edit) CLOSED Should we change the title of rdf-schema to use the word "Schema" ? 2011-04-14 0
ISSUE-37 (edit)
CLOSED Handling of fragment identifiers in RDF embedded in other document formats 2011-04-15 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-38 (edit)
CLOSED What new vocabulary should be added to RDF to talk about graphs? 2011-04-15 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-39 (edit)
CLOSED rdf: and rdfs: namespace should resolve to something that meets best practices 2011-04-16 RDF Admin 0
ISSUE-40 (edit)
CLOSED Skolemization advice in the RDF dcocument 2011-04-27 0
ISSUE-41 (edit)
CLOSED Skolemization advice in the RDF dcocument 2011-04-27 0
ISSUE-42 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "Something should be done about aboutEachPrefix construct" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-43 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "Suggestion that Qnames should be allowed as values for attributes such as rdf:about" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-44 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "The RDF XML syntax cannot represent all possible Property URI's" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-45 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "The syntax needs a more convenient way to express the reification of a statement" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-46 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "Should RDF have a mechanism for declaring two uri's to be equivalent?" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-47 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "RDF embedded in XHTML and other XML documents is hard to validate" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-48 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "The design of the RDF Model collection classes exhibit various awkward features. Might these be augmented with a 'better' design?" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-49 (edit)
POSTPONED Revisit "Should the subjects of RDF statements be allowed to be literals" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-50 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "Request to allow b-nodes as property labels" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-51 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "Suggestion that the concept of context is missing from RDF" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-52 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "How to indicate whether RDF embedded in another document is asserted" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-53 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "RDF is not just a data model; an RDF statement is an assertion" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-54 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "RDF/XML collection syntax should allow literals" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-55 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "Request for a richer vocabulary for languages" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-56 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "A request for a semantics free predicate for comments" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-57 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "A request to define subset of RDFS with a more conventional layered architecture" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-58 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "A request to define a formal semantic relationship between lists and containers" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-59 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "The RDF/XML syntax can't represent an an arbritary graph structure" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-60 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "Defining the interpretation of fragment identifiers in RDF embedded in other document formats" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-61 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "An XML literal without markup, e.g. "foo" should denote the same thing as the plain literal "foo"" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-62 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit "The test cases manifest format has a semantic error" 2011-05-03 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-63 (edit)
CLOSED Introduce an HTML5 datatype 2011-05-26 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-64 (edit)
CLOSED RFC 3066 or RFC 5646 for language tags? 2011-05-30 RDF General 0
ISSUE-65 (edit)
CLOSED Update XSD 1.0 references to XSD 1.1 2011-06-13 RDF General 0
ISSUE-66 (edit)
CLOSED Update XSD datatype map with new XSD 1.1 datatypes 2011-06-13 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-67 (edit)
CLOSED \xxxx escaping in prefixed names 2011-07-06 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-68 (edit)
CLOSED Informative section “RDF Concepts” in rdf-concepts spec is redundant 2011-07-20 0
ISSUE-69 (edit)
CLOSED Handling of fragment identifiers in RDF Concepts 2011-07-21 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-70 (edit)
CLOSED RDF Concepts should mention all datatypes defined in the core specs 2011-07-21 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-71 (edit)
String Literals 2
CLOSED Reconcile various forms of string literals (time permitting) 2011-07-21 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-72 (edit)
CLOSED Introduction of RDF/XML spec doesn't explain relationship to RDF Concepts 2011-07-27 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-73 (edit) CLOSED IRI_REF vs. IRIref 2011-08-12 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-74 (edit) CLOSED Prefixed names and slashes 2011-08-12 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-75 (edit)
CLOSED Valid plain literals containing #x0 are ill-typed in RDF 1.1 2011-08-19 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-76 (edit)
CLOSED RDF Semantics and RDF Concepts disagree on definition of datatypes 2011-08-29 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-77 (edit) CLOSED Should we mark rdf:Seq as archaic (cf ISSUE-24) 2011-10-13 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-78 (edit)
CLOSED Document Convention for Using Datasets 2011-10-14 RDF Primer 0
ISSUE-79 (edit)
CLOSED What is the value of a literal whose datatype IRI is not a datatype? 2011-11-09 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-80 (edit)
CLOSED Ask OWL and RIF WGs to update the rdf:PlainLiteral spec 2011-11-10 RDF General 0
ISSUE-81 (edit)
CLOSED How to represent HTML formated text in an RDF Literals 2011-12-21 0
ISSUE-82 (edit)
TriG repeated graph iris
CLOSED How should repeated graph iri labels be handled in TriG 2011-12-21 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-83 (edit)
CLOSED RDF/XML: Incorrect reference for use of HTML rel="meta" 2012-02-18 RDF XML 0
ISSUE-84 (edit)
CLOSED "Bug" in D-entailment with literals in non-canonical form 2012-02-24 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-85 (edit)
CLOSED Update RDF Semantics to distinguish between the identity of values and the (numeric) equality of values to be in line with XSD 1.1 2012-03-21 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-86 (edit)
CLOSED Incompatible definitions of “graph equivalence” between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics 2012-05-01 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-87 (edit)
Revisit 2004 types
CLOSED Revisit RDF 2004 datatypes that have proven troublesome in OWL and RIF 2012-05-02 0
ISSUE-88 (edit)
CLOSED Revisit the exclusion of xsd:duration from the RDF datatype list 2012-05-02 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-89 (edit)
CLOSED Should Turtle allow SPARQL's PREFIX like @prefix? 2012-05-09 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-90 (edit)
CLOSED Define a simple form of “literal value entailment” 2012-05-21 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-91 (edit)
CLOSED RDF Concepts feedback from Gavin and Pat 2012-05-30 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-92 (edit) CLOSED Mention RDF in the JSON-LD Syntax Introduction. 2012-06-20 RDF JSON 0
ISSUE-93 (edit)
CLOSED Give a name to "literals that are not language-tagged strings" 2012-08-20 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-94 (edit)
CLOSED Definition of literals does not include language-tagged strings properly 2012-08-22 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-95 (edit)
CLOSED LC Comment: Turtle Inverse Property Syntax 2012-08-22 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-96 (edit)
XS/OWL2 datatypes
CLOSED XML Schema and OWL2 custom datatypes 2012-09-06 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-97 (edit)
CLOSED Should the semantics of RDF graphs be dependent on a vocabulary? 2012-09-12 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-98 (edit)
CLOSED Should the semantics of RDF graphs and the semantics of RDF datasets be combined into one unified semantics? 2012-09-12 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-99 (edit)
HTML Literals in RDF/XML
CLOSED Does RDF/XML get a special syntax for HTML Literals? 2012-10-05 0
ISSUE-100 (edit) CLOSED Turtle in HTML doesn't explain escaping 2012-10-10 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-101 (edit)
CLOSED Will RDF-WG produce a “What's New in RDF 1.1” document or migration guide? 2012-10-21 0
ISSUE-102 (edit)
CLOSED Shall we highlight Turtle's list structures as "Well-Formed Lists" in one of our Recs? 2012-10-29 RDF Primer 0
ISSUE-103 (edit)
CLOSED Make dereferenceable IRIs a SHOULD in RDF Concepts 2012-11-01 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-104 (edit)
CLOSED Too many informative Notes in RDF Concepts 2012-11-06 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-105 (edit)
CLOSED Graphs, datasets, authoritative representations, and content negotiation 2012-11-07 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-106 (edit)
CLOSED Relationship between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics 2012-11-07 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-107 (edit)
CLOSED Revised definition of blank nodes 2012-11-07 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-108 (edit)
CLOSED Semantics should reference "XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and OWL" 2012-11-09 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-109 (edit)
CLOSED What's the consequence of a literal being ill-typed? 2012-11-09 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-110 (edit)
CLOSED A proper term for the concept formerly known as “g-box”? 2012-11-09 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-111 (edit)
CLOSED Should RDF Concepts define any operations on RDF datasets? 2012-11-09 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-112 (edit) CLOSED Media types and assertions 2013-01-23 RDF General 0
ISSUE-113 (edit) CLOSED RDF Keys 2013-01-23 RDF General 0
ISSUE-114 (edit) CLOSED Inconsistency in RDF spec 2013-01-23 Cleanup tasks 0
ISSUE-115 (edit) CLOSED LC Comment: Unsetting @base and @prefix 2013-02-13 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-116 (edit) CLOSED LC Comment: revised reponse to 'Comments regarding "Turtle and N-Triples Synaxes for RDF" ' 2013-02-13 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-117 (edit)
i18n comments
CLOSED LC Comments: i18n WG 2013-02-13 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-118 (edit)
Simplifying datatypes
CLOSED Simplifying datatype semantics 2013-02-14 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-119 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Spec should reference the test suite 2013-02-22 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-120 (edit)
CLOSED Is any set of RDF triples an RDF graph? 2013-03-14 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-121 (edit)
CLOSED Should the merge of two RDF graphs be defined as their set union? 2013-03-14 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-122 (edit)
cross-document scopes
CLOSED bnode scopes in multi-part dataset documents 2013-03-17 RDF General 0
ISSUE-123 (edit)
localName chars
CLOSED PN_CHARS_BASE permits up to U+EFFFF but RFC-3987 stops at U+EFFFD 2013-03-24 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-124 (edit)
CLOSED Order of parameters (options or callback last) - by Boris Zbarsky 2013-04-16 JSON-LD Last Call 1 0
ISSUE-125 (edit)
CLOSED Use of futures instead of callbacks in the JSON-LD API 2013-04-17 JSON-LD Last Call 1 0
ISSUE-126 (edit)
CLOSED xsd:string 2013-04-23 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-127 (edit)
Comment: encoding of strings
CLOSED Comment: multiple ways to encode string codepoints 2013-04-25 RDF N-Triples 0
ISSUE-128 (edit)
LC2 - Ansell - Mandatory Profiles
CLOSED Mandatory profiles for JSON-LD document interchange - by Peter Ansell 2013-05-08 JSON-LD Last Call 2 0
ISSUE-129 (edit)
LC2 - Hawke - Native Type Conversion
CLOSED JSON-LD xsd:integer lossless conversion 2013-05-13 JSON-LD Last Call 2 0
ISSUE-130 (edit)
LC2 - Hawke - Futures
CLOSED Properly referencing the DOM Futures spec 2013-05-14 JSON-LD Last Call 2 0
ISSUE-131 (edit)
CLOSED How can one create an RDF dataset without being a web server? 2013-05-17 RDF Graphs 0
ISSUE-132 (edit)
LC2 - Booth/Patel-Schneider - JSON-LD/RDF Alignment
CLOSED JSON-LD should be more closely aligned with RDF 2013-05-21 JSON-LD Last Call 2 0
ISSUE-133 (edit)
JSON-LD Reverse properties
CLOSED Provisional support for Reverse properties 2013-05-21 JSON-LD Last Call 2 0
ISSUE-134 (edit)
JSON-LD blanknode properties and graph names
CLOSED Blank node identifiers for properties and graph names 2013-05-21 JSON-LD Last Call 2 0
ISSUE-135 (edit)
CLOSED GLD WG feedback on JSON-LD and API 2013-05-31 JSON-LD Last Call 2 0
ISSUE-136 (edit)
CLOSED How can one indicate which semantics are intended for a Dataset? 2013-06-11 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-137 (edit)
CLOSED Should TriG be a subset of SPARQL Quad Pattern? 2013-07-03 RDF TriG 0
ISSUE-138 (edit) CLOSED Guidance to RDF users and developers about which syntaxes to parse and publish 2013-07-10 RDF Primer 0
ISSUE-139 (edit)
CLOSED More clearly warn that "generalized RDF" is non-standard (David Booth) 2013-08-01 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-140 (edit)
CLOSED RDF Dataset Comparison (Ivan Herman) 2013-08-07 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-141 (edit)
CLOSED Fragment Identifiers (Sebastian Hellmann) 2013-08-24 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-142 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: rdfs:Graph ? comment 2013-09-11 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-143 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: nanopublications are they ok with RDF graphs? 2013-09-25 RDF TriG 0
ISSUE-144 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: Minor normative error in LC drafts 2013-10-01 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-145 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: Identify vs. Denote distinction is not helpful 2013-10-02 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-146 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: procedural comment on LC of Concepts and Semantics 2013-10-02 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-147 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: Definition of "Generalized RDF" 2013-10-02 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-148 (edit) CLOSED CR comment: IRIs do *not* always denote the same resource 2013-10-02 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-149 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: Intuitive summary needs to be scoped to interpretations 2013-10-02 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-150 (edit) CLOSED LC Comment: references and acknowledgements 2013-10-03 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-151 (edit) CLOSED LC comment: owl:imports and graph names and issue 38 2013-10-08 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-152 (edit) CLOSED CR comment: reified statements in Turtle 2013-10-08 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-153 (edit)
bnode properties
CLOSED Ryan Laboucane: Blank Nodes as properties in JSON-LD 2013-10-09 JSON-LD Candidate Recommendation 0
ISSUE-154 (edit) CLOSED Media type parameter for turtle 2013-10-09 0
ISSUE-155 (edit) CLOSED Media type parameter for turtle 2013-10-09 0
ISSUE-156 (edit) CLOSED Media type parameter for turtle 2013-10-09 RDF Turtle 0
ISSUE-157 (edit) CLOSED Davidwood to make an editorial change to concepts in answer to issue-147 2013-10-09 0
ISSUE-158 (edit) CLOSED Davidwood to make an editorial change to concepts in answer to action-147 2013-10-09 0
ISSUE-159 (edit)
CLOSED LC Comment: Definition of "Interpretation" is missing 2013-10-10 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-160 (edit) CLOSED N-Triples LC WD typos 2013-10-16 RDF N-Triples 0
ISSUE-161 (edit) CLOSED CR/CR Comment: Michael Schneider 2013-10-20 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-162 (edit)
OData/JSON-LD Convergence
CLOSED Michael Pizzo: Attempt to converge markup mechanisms for OData and JSON-LD 2013-10-22 JSON-LD Candidate Recommendation 0
ISSUE-163 (edit)
@type overloading
CLOSED Simon Grant: Determine if @type overloading is acceptable for JSON-LD 1.0 2013-10-22 JSON-LD Candidate Recommendation 0
ISSUE-164 (edit)
@reverse bug
CLOSED Pierre-Antoine Champin: @reverse algorithm is buggy 2013-10-22 JSON-LD Candidate Recommendation 0
ISSUE-165 (edit)
datatype map
CLOSED CR Comment: datatype map 2013-10-22 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-166 (edit) CLOSED LC Comment: Michael Schneider - non-urgent issues 2013-10-22 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-167 (edit)
stronger dataset semantics
POSTPONED Stronger semantics of RDF Datasets? 2013-10-23 RDF Semantics 0
ISSUE-168 (edit) CLOSED Matt Wuerstl: blogPost vs. post 2013-10-30 JSON-LD Candidate Recommendation 0
ISSUE-169 (edit) CLOSED DOM4 dependency 2013-10-30 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-170 (edit) PENDING REVIEW CR comment: Normative links to RDF-1.1 Concepts 2013-11-07 RDF N-Triples 0
ISSUE-171 (edit) PENDING REVIEW CR comment: backwards compatibility with respect to UTF-8/US-ASCII 2013-11-07 RDF-N-Quads 0
ISSUE-172 (edit) CLOSED CR comment: Case-sensitivity of base and prefix directives 2013-11-07 RDF TriG 0
ISSUE-173 (edit)
TriG Collections
CLOSED Bare collections in Turtle and TriG 2013-11-18 RDF TriG 0
ISSUE-174 (edit)
TriG and N3
CLOSED Awkward TriG compatibility with N3 2013-11-18 RDF TriG 0
ISSUE-175 (edit)
TriG and N-Quads
CLOSED TriG compatibility with N-Quads 2013-11-18 RDF TriG 0
ISSUE-176 (edit) CLOSED CR comment: BNF expression of RDF Concepts 2013-12-05 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-177 (edit) CLOSED CR comment: XMLLiteral and HTML 2013-12-08 RDF Concepts 0
ISSUE-178 (edit) CLOSED CR comment: RDF 1.1: "Some properties may change over time." 2013-12-10 RDF Concepts 0

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