ISSUE-170: CR comment: Normative links to RDF-1.1 Concepts

CR comment: Normative links to RDF-1.1 Concepts

RDF N-Triples
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Guus Schreiber
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Comment from Peter Ansell:

The N-Quads and N-Triples Candidate Recommendations (both published 05
November 2013) contain definitions in normative sections with the name
"RDF Term Constructors" which define the basic RDF concepts
(literals/blank nodes/etc). These definitions are hyperlinked to
RDF-1.1 Concepts. However, there is no mention, either in the
Normative or Informative references of the RDF-1.1 Concepts
specification that they relate to.

Could references to RDF-1.1 be added to both the N-Quads and N-Triples
documents to define their relationship to the overall RDF-1.1 Concepts


Peter Ansell
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Andy Seaborne, 8 Dec 2013, 18:47:55

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