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Name Nicknames
Jean-François Baget JFB
Thomas Baker
Adrien BASSE
Scott Bauer hsbauer2011
Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto Ig_Bittencourt
Aidan Boran
Dan Brickley danbri
Matteo Brunati mbrunati
Gaoussou CAMARA
Gavin Carothers GavinC
Pierre-Antoine Champin pchampin
Kiu Ching Chieh
Olivier Corby corby
Richard Cyganiak cygri
Souripriya Das Souri
Lee Feigenbaum LeeF
Fabien Gandon FabGandon
Charles Greer
Sandro Hawke sandro
Patrick Hayes pat, PatH, phayes3
Ivan Herman ivan
Kingsley Idehen
Gregg Kellogg gkellogg, gkellogg_
Markus Lanthaler markus, mlnt
Arnaud Le Hors ArnaudLH
Dickson Lukose
Ivan Mikhailov iv_an_ru
Alexandre Morgaut
Peter Patel-Schneider pfps
Eric Prud'hommeaux ericp
Yves Raimond moustaki, yvesr
Guus Schreiber Guus
Andy Seaborne Andy, AndyS, AndyS_
Manu Sporny manu, manu-work, manu1, manu_
Thomas Steiner tomayac, tomayac_
Mouhamadou THIAM
Ted Thibodeau macted, TallTed
Thomas Visel
William Waites
Jan Wielemaker
Zhe Wu zwu2
Antoine Zimmermann AZ, Azimmerm

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