ISSUE-168: Matt Wuerstl: blogPost vs. post

Matt Wuerstl: blogPost vs. post

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Markus Lanthaler
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In section 6.16 Data Indexing of the latest JSON-LD spec an example of data indexing is given that is confusing. In Example 54, the term "post" is defined as:
"post": {
"@id": "schema:blogPost",
"@container": "@index"

And then the subsequent descriptive text refers to the "blogPost" term:

In the example above, the blogPost term<> has been marked as an index map<>. The en, de, and ja keys will be ignored semantically, but preserved syntactically, by the JSON-LD Processor. This allows a developer to access the German version of the blogPost using the following code snippet:

Shouldn't this text be referencing the "post" term as it was defined in the context? And referenced in code as

Thanks for the clarification.


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Markus Lanthaler, 30 Oct 2013, 13:01:43

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