ISSUE-152: CR comment: reified statements in Turtle

CR comment: reified statements in Turtle

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Guus Schreiber
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Comment by Joseph Rockmore:

i don't know if the period for comments on the turtle recommendation are closed (the web site is a bit inconsistent), but in case its not, i'd like to offer the following.

i would like to strongly suggest that the turtle recommendation include statement identifiers for reification. in the work i am doing it is imperative to maintain provenance on all statements, and the only way i have been able to do this in turtle is via explicit reification, such as:

foo:statement1 a rdf:Statement ;
rdf:subject thingID1 ;
rdf:predicate propertyID1 ;
rdf:object value1 ;
foo:source value 2 ;
foo:dateAsserted value 3 ;

this is ugly and overly verbose. we would like a mechanism like in RDF/XML that supports expressing the statementID explicitly so that reified statements can be made about the statement, without having to express the statements regarding the subject, predicate, and object separately.

thank you for considering this addition.


A. Joseph Rockmore, PhD
technology consulting
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